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The Roar

The Monthly Five: October’s Picks

Lauren Paquet, Entertainment Editor
October 27, 2015
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We all have that one friend who texts you as soon as they find a new song they love, or dances (pretty embarrassingly) to every song on the radio, right? I’m that friend. One thing you’ll learn very quickly in this column is that music makes me very excited. I love finding new music and listen...

Shootings leave students scared

Megan Friel, Editor in Chief
October 20, 2015
Filed under Millenial Manifesto - Meg Friel

Every time my parents recount the day I was born, my family laughs and smiles, talking about the nurses, the surgery, the frantic trip to the hospital in the middle of the night, but there is one part that’s sure to never be left out. My birthday is April 19, 1999 - the day before the Columbine ma...

The Fall Experience

Alex Keely and Paige Lessard
October 12, 2015
Filed under Alex v The World - Alex Keely & Paige Lessard, Opinion

This month Paige and I will be looking over some fall topics that we notice around the school during the fall. Friday Night Lights is the biggest thing in the fall for high schoolers. Alex's Opinion: Friday Night Lights, otherwise known as Friday night football, is the cornerstone of the beg...

Product review: “Cupcake” face mask

Michael Tenney, Staff Writer
October 10, 2015
Filed under Fresh Face: Product of the Month - Michael Tenney, Opinion

Skincare is something that I take seriously in my day-to-day life. Whether it be a cleanser, toner, moisturizer, or a face mask. There are several ways to clean your face, make it glow, and be ready to walk the runway of a fashion show. However, it doesn’t start off day one; taking care of your skin...

What it means to be a feminist

Megan Friel, Feature Editor
June 17, 2015
Filed under Meg'n More - Megan Friel, Opinion

To all who follow my column, you’ll know that my usual writing-style is a how-to. This week, however, I’ll be writing something a little more on the serious side. The topic I’ll be writing about is something that not only I, but most of America seems to have an opinion on: feminism. Feminism,...

Tiger Pride

Nick Scavuzzo, Staff Writer
June 9, 2015
Filed under Opinion

What a great experience we’re getting here at Biddeford High School, am I right? This place is always filled with energy, laughter, and excitement. We have our athletes, our band kids, our AP students, and many many other diverse types of students. Our diverse enrollment here at Biddeford High School...

How to survive four years of High School

How to survive four years of High School

Audrey Desjardin and Kenneth Reyes
May 22, 2015
Filed under Opinion, Tips by Kenneth & Audrey

Surviving high school is a matter of skill, luck, and tolerance. When thinking of survival in this prison, try to think of what Indiana Jones would do, beyond the fact that no one here will ever be as cool as him. Making it through high school can be tough, so we will give you some insight as to how...

A final goodbye

Cameron Petit, Editor in Chief
May 19, 2015
Filed under Editor Column - Cameron Petit, Opinion

After spending four years at BHS and three of those years in Mrs. Pendergrass’s Journalism class, I have developed a very strong and positive opinion on the class and newspaper that I have spent so much time involved in. Receiving my “wanted” poster in the mail the summer after my freshmen year...

Prioritizing Priorities

Prioritizing Priorities

Hayley Lefebvre, Staff Writer
May 17, 2015
Filed under Need I say more..... STAFF COLUMNS, Prioritizing Priorities - by Hayley Lefebvre

It’s finally getting to be that time of year where coming to school seems to be almost impossible for everyone. The weather is getting nicer, the countdowns till the end of the year are starting, and one wants to be stuck in class all day. Even though you may be watching movies, or having study halls...

How to embrace spring fever

May 7, 2015
Filed under Meg'n More - Megan Friel

With a tough winter, (and partial spring,) it’s no surprise that the “spring fever” has found it’s way to Biddeford High School. For the first time in a long time, the sun is no longer hiding behind the clouds and the grass really does look greener. While spring fever is the gateway to temptation,...

Why your clothes say more than you think

Lauren Paquet, Staff Writer
May 5, 2015
Filed under Opinion

In this day in age, more and more teens have sacrificed personal style for what is commonly worn: Ugg boots, Bella’s, khakis, and North Face jackets are just a few of the many overly-glorified items. Over-priced and under-stylized, most kids beg their parents for the popular accessories. However, with...

The Problem with the Pledge

May 5, 2015
Filed under Editorials

For years, students across America have stood up from their seats at the beginning of the day and recited the pledge. Only recently has there been an uproar as to whether or not the pledge should be something that is mandatory. With all of the new personalities and beliefs in America today, it is understandable...

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