Lacrosse makes playoff history

Both boys and girls lacrosse advance into playoffs for the first time ever.


Girls lacrosse forms a huddle before a home game.

There is no doubt that this year was one to remember for both Biddeford High school lacrosse teams, making playoffs and most importantly making history.

Boys and girls lacrosse are making sure they leave their mark by setting their goals higher than just making it to playoffs, but hoping for the first ever playoff win from both teams.

There are many factors for both teams that made them so successful this year. Perhaps one factor for the boys team may have been a change in leadership. Sophomore Luke Goldsborough seems to think so.

“Our new coach knew we had to have the fundamentals and knew how to communicate with us,” said Goldsborough. “He was actually really funny and I hope to have him for the rest of my lacrosse high school career.”

For the girls their coach of now three years was just as important to their success. Sophomore Katherine Dumoulin believes coach Albert made lacrosse more fun.

“She made going to practice not nearly as miserable because we got to laugh, joke around, and always have fun,” Dumoulin said.

Even though coaches played a big role in both teams success it all comes down to the team’s drive and sensuality.

Junior captain Olivia Morrison knew they were good enough to make it to playoffs this year.

“I think as a team our perspectives and attitudes were completely different than in years past,” said Morrison. “We went into this season with a sense of confidence that we were never able to feel before.”

For the boys team, only losing one senior this past year gave them an advantage says senior Sam Bernard.

“Most teams lost a lot of key players and we only lost one and the seniors now have been playing together for a while so everything finally clicked,” Bernard said.

The doubt of making playoffs was there on both teams but they pushed past it and were surprised with the outcome.

“From the look of last year I did not think we would make playoffs,” said Goldsborough. “Once we won our first game I thought we had a chance but then we won our second game (already more wins than last year) I knew we could do it.”

Finding out that being able to take part in playoffs was a given the teams were thrilled. Sophomore Jessica Letellier even felt a sense of relief when she heard the news.

“I was very proud of our team when I heard we made playoffs,” said Letellier. “We all set our goals high for the season and making playoffs was something we all wanted so bad as a team.”

Ironically both teams are moving on to take on the Thornton Academy Trojans for their first playoff game. The determination doesn’t stop at just making playoffs. The tigers are here to make their mark.

Junior captain Sean Black thinks that overall his team played well together even though there were a few more games this season that could have been won.

“It was awesome to make playoffs and we hope to bring Biddeford boys lacrosse its first playoff win.”