How to Beak: all the dos, and the don’ts, of chanting for your team

Abbie Paquette, Junior Editor

Finally, fall is here. Not only do you dig out your warm sweaters and boots, but it’s finally fall sports season. Along with fall sport season comes the reinstatement of a special group for BHS: the Beak Squad. Many have passed down this enduring tradition; buying shirts and yelling at the top of their lungs. However, some people have forgotten or just don’t know how to “beak” at all, since they’re new to the high school or new to beaking itself. Well newbies, you’re in for a treat, the pride here is unlike any school I’ve ever seen. That’s also why I’m here, typing this column, to inform the student body about all the dos and don’ts of beaking for your school at the right time, and never at the wrong place.

First, you want to go out to your local Walmart (since you can find everything there) and buy yourself some eye black or facepaint to wear at the game. Yes, we understand it is not sunny, and yes, we understand you’re going to look weird if you walk in by yourself, but once you set foot on those rustic wooden bleachers, how weird you look doesn’t matter. You can even get fancy with patterns or writing words on your faces with friends! The Beak Squad invites you to show your spirit on your face if you’re willing enough to do so.

Secondly, you don’t HAVE to buy a shirt to join the Beak Squad. I have been at this school for three years now and haven’t bought a shirt since this year, mostly because it’s my last year sitting in the student section. Truthfully, yes, those are what most “members” wear to every game, but you don’t need one to hop on up and cheer on your friends and family members playing in the games. To join the Squad, you simply must sit with them. Just do not, whatever you do, sit in the front of the Beak Squad. However, it is suggested you wear some sort of black and orange, to make us look unified and well put together as a student body.

So, just a little recap. Orange and black; wear it, be proud! Facepaint? Yes! Eye Black? Go for it! Be loud and have a great time. Since I’ve gone over the most basic good points for beaking properly, I feel it’s to point out the absolute no’s in the Beak Squad world.

To beak with the Beak Squad you actually have to sit with the Beak Squad at the student section. If you don’t know where that is located, it’s where there are bleachers directly behind the field goal post. You know, the large metal fork sticking out of the ground where the kicker of the football team tries to hit the ball through? Yeah, there. Or at the end of the ice rink bleachers, by the furthest goal. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, the next best thing is to look for the huge mass of orange and black. But that’s where the Beak Squad is, every game. Walking around is okay for a few minutes, maybe for a bathroom break or to get some delicious food at the food stand, otherwise known as where I spend my paychecks trying to get warm with a cup of hot chocolate. Regardless of what I do with my life, spending the entirety of the game walking around isn’t joining the Beak Squad.

There are also a couple rules to go over briefly about sitting with the Beak Squad. Please, solemnly swear that if you are not a senior that you will not stand in the front of the group. Being a tradition for so many years, it’s just a known fact that the seniors who have been there the longest get front row dibs. The second rule is to actually cheer. Beaking is not beaking without actually saying words. Don’t be afraid, just let the captains start the cheers and you follow along, pretty basic right? Loud and proud is the name of the game here at BHS and is a key part in being the most successful student section I have witnessed being a student here.

The Beak Squad is a fun group to join, and, there aren’t any real commitments either. You can be with your friends while cheering on other friends, or just your school in general. It is for anyone and everyone in high school, it is the place to be. The atmosphere truly isn’t like any other type of school unity I have seen in my past three years of high school, and I don’t want you to miss out on the true enjoyment of it. We are the Mighty Mighty Tigers, after all.