Spending your fall the “right way”

Tips and answers from Abbie on how to thoroughly enjoy your fall.

Abbie Paquette, Co-Sports Editor

Everyone has their own idea of how to spend their days right before the snow starts to fall. As the wind gets crisper and the days get shorter, fall is a time to rejoice the time spent with your family, while also drinking lots of hot chocolate to stay warm.

Fall has two views on it from what I’ve seen: the long fall activity to-do list, and the “I’m-going-to-watch-netflix-everyday” way.

Around the same time every fall, pumpkin spice-flavored everything comes into grocery stores. And because I work at a grocery store myself, I see it all: from pumpkin spice lattes and bagels to pumpkin spice cream cheese and coffee creamer. It seems to be the typical flavoring associated with fall, and everyone is a fanatic about it. But, I have to say I have not tried pumpkin spice anything, let alone a latte (coffee is not my forte).

If you’re not an extreme pumpkin spice everything person, you probably still love to do fall activities like carving pumpkins. There really is nothing quite like gutting a pumpkin with a plastic scooper, roasting its seeds, and carving a cute little design that is definitely Instagram worthy. Pumpkin carving doesn’t have to be in October either, because pumpkins are still growing in November regardless. If you’re not into getting down and dirty to wrangle some pumpkins and carve them, there are plenty of options, some scarier than others.

Corn Mazes are a fun way to get lost and use your leadership skills to find a way out of rows and rows of corn. Of course, you can make it even scarier and go at night, but watch out for flying corn. From personal experience, corn being thrown and knocking you in the face doesn’t feel very good. Another thing that is just as fun as corn mazes but without the corn are haunted hayrides and haunted houses. Even though at some points it may seem like you’re going to pee yourself from all the “evil” looking characters in the hayride, it’s still funny to see your friends just as scared. This activity is mostly associated with Halloween, but then again they do run a couple weeks or so into November.

If you’re not into either the fall smells or the activities (which I’ve only named the three that are the most popular here in Maine), you can always watch the abundance of new movie releases that follow suit with the Halloween holiday. Netflix also releases some classic videos to watch during this time too. Who doesn’t love watching movies snuggled in blankets? It’s warm and better than doing nothing, unless you’re into staring at the ceiling.

No matter what your forte is, there are plenty of activities to do during the fall. Whether it be a corn maze, watching movies or eventually going black friday shopping, there are a variety of options for anyone to spend their fall the “right” way.