Girl’s soccer faces difficult season

BHS Varsity girl's soccer perseveres after a tough season with many injuries.

Megan Friel, Feature Editor

Biddeford Girls Soccer endured an up-and-down season, filled with injuries, heartbreak, and triumph.

Throughout this fall season, several players in girl’s soccer suffered mild to severe injuries, forcing their team to come together and work hard to finish the season. With the majority of their team injured, the girls pushed their way to the last game, figuring out new ways to work with each other in the absence of their regular starters. Senior Carissa Gelinas is one of the many players with a torn ACL.

“It’s a partial tear in my ACL,” said Gelinas. “They had to carry me off [the field] because it started swelling right away and there was a lot of fluid, and they could tell right from then [that it was torn].”

Even after her tear, Gelinas happily watched from the sidelines as she saw her team persevere and grow closer.

Junior Erin Martin is another player with a torn ACL, but unlike Gelinas’s partial tear, Martin completely tore her ACL and meniscus. While Gelinas is slowly building strength from rehab and physical therapy, Martin is on a long road to recovery.

“I had surgery and I go to physical therapy three days a week,” said Martin. “It will be like six months [before a full recovery].”

Despite this, Martin talks about how the thing that upset her the most wasn’t the months of recovery or her inability to play basketball, but that she wasn’t able to finish the soccer season.

“I was already off to a really good start…I was hitting my peak in soccer and then in seconds I was done,” Martin said.

Even though the season ended with only four of the original starters still playing, those not injured stepped up and worked as a team to finish off their year. Junior Peyton Janelle, with her dislocated shoulder and inability to play, was thankful for those who took her place and helped out the team.

“My injury affected me in realizing how much we needed a team as a whole to complete things,” said Janelle. “When that many people on your team are impacted by an injury it just goes to show that you can’t do it alone.”

While an injury isn’t something to celebrate, many of the girls on the team with injuries grew from the experience, learning not to take any game for granted and to appreciate their teammates. Junior Madison Cantara, out for the season due to a concussion, saw a different side of things after being injured.

“I could’ve easily gotten hurt by this, and not be able to play ever again, so I’m lucky to only be out for a couple of months,” said Cantara. “It just kind of puts it in perspective that you never know when the last time you could be playing is.”