How to spend your winter months right

Megan Friel, Editor

As we approach the chilly winter months, we feel the cold rush to our bones and the snow settle in our brains. Living in Maine, those 3 or 4 months tend to turn into 4 or 5, leaving even the toughest skiers and snowboarders in a frosty funk. Though this winter blues may be tough to break, it’s not impossible. With these simple tips, not only will you learn to prepare for winter, you may even learn to love it.

After living here my whole life, born and raised, the minor frostbite and hours spent shoveling have become routine to me. With the autumn leaves slowly decaying and the once bright and lively trees starting to strip down to their cores, I begin to notice not only the skies looking gray, but the people starting to fade as well. Luckily, with my vast experience of winter blues, I’ve prepared myself for the gloomy days lurking just around the corner with a few small steps.

Step one: Don’t fear the change of seasons; embrace it. You’ll never be able to fight off the snow and cold without knowing your enemy. By going into these long, treacherous months with an open mind, they’ll seem to go by faster. Instead of thinking of the snow of just the slushy dirt piles blocking your view of the street, think of it as a snowman waiting to be built. Instead of seeing the black ice as a potential car crash waiting to happen, think of it as an ice rink awaiting just outside of your driveway. With this positive mindset, the winter months will fly by.

Step two: Pick up a winter sport. Instead of sitting by your fire, clutching your hot chocolate and staring out your window at the snow that seems to be piling up faster than the homework you’re avoiding, distract yourself with hockey, snowboarding or skiing. This won’t only help you to make new friends, but will keep you busy while you try to forget about how lonely you really are. Not only this, but these sports will keep you in shape after feasting on Thanksgiving stuffing and pigging out on Christmas cookies.

Step three: Be prepared with all of your winter necessities. This includes fuzzy socks, electric blankets, and a subscription to Netflix. After a long day of shoveling the driveway, (twice), your near frost-bitten hands and numb toes will need some love. Don’t be afraid to curl up in your most comfy pajamas shoveling down Lindor chocolates while sobbing over cheesy Christmas movies, and tweeting about your “relationship goals” as you gaze in envy of pictures of cute couples kissing under the mistletoe.

With these steps in mind, you’re fully prepared to take on the winter blues. Maybe, if all goes well, it won’t be a blue Christmas after all.