New Year, New Division

The boys' and girls' basketballs teams move to the 2A division


Hailey Woodman, Staff Writer

Making the change from old traditions to new faces, the boys’ and girls’ basketball teams will start competing against unfamiliar schools, adding to the pressure heading into next season.

The teams will be making new adjustments as they prepare to drop to the 2A division facing schools such as Brunswick, Mt. Ararat, Marshwood, Westbrook, Falmouth, Kennebunk, Greely, York, Leavitt, Morse, Fryeburg Academy, Cape Elizabeth, and Erskine Academy.

As for the Biddeford basketball teams, these past few seasons have proved that they are capable of doing better in another league, as the school hBrittanyRoayas been struggling to keep the population of students where it needs to be.

Junior Brittany Roy is comfortable with the change and feels it is a well-deserved move.

“We have teams like Biddeford playing against schools who can pick and choose their players from the whole state,” Roy said.

The change was made to provide fair, competitive games to all schools. The switch allows for schools of the same size to compete against each other. Girls varsity coach Liz Bell is up for the new change.

“I would expect to see our record improve,” said Bell. “We will no longer be playing schools that have 200-700 more students to choose from, or the schools that can pull kids from all over the state.”

Although the teams will be playing new schools, they’re still worrying about the skill levels of each team as they prepare for the next basketball season. Bell is looking forward to the new adjustment.

“There are still some very, very talented basketball teams and players in this proposed division,” Bell said.

For sophomore Patrick Pearl, he isn’t too stressed about next season.

“I don’t think the conference realignment will affect our team or record much,” said Pearl.
“The only difference is travel time, as the schools are much farther than our SMAA opponents.”

Bell thinks the team will do a lot better with the new classes and have the chance to really compete every night against teams like themselves.

“I think that it will be more of an incentive for the athletes to play hard every single game,” said Bell. “Going into games knowing you can compete and could potentially play in the post-season is a lot more encouraging.”

Junior Jeremy Lugiano is up for the change, feeling excited about the new season as next year will be his last.

“I think we will play as hard as we can, no matter who the teams are,” said Lugiano. “It’ll be different, but it will be nice.”

As last season turned out to be a disappointment for the boys’ team with a record of 1-17, they are willing to push harder and work as much as they can to improve even more.

“I don’t feel that the new adjustment would change our record,” said Lugiano. ”I believe that we will just work harder.”

With both teams willing to work as much as they can, the outcome of next season seems so unpredictable. Each team is excited to compete with all of the new schools and are willing to give it their all each night.

“I am for whatever is in the best interest of the student athletes,” said Bell. “I coach the kids that want to be there and want to compete.”

While the future for these teams are uncertain, they both look forward to having a greater chance of successful competition for many years in the newly developed class 2A.