How to: Keep calm and carry on

Meg’n More goes into how to keep your cool when it comes to the end of the quater.


Megan Friel, Feature Editor

With progress reports just around the corner and the third quarter soon coming to an end, stress is bound to build up. Whether it’s grades, overdue projects, or simply struggling to finish the quarter, anxiety always seems to catch up with the best of us. Although I can’t say I haven’t fallen victim to stress myself, I can proudly say I have some helpful tips on keeping it cool.

1.Talk to your teachers. The good thing about grades is the possibility of change. Teachers are usually flexible with adding extra credit or re-taking a quiz, although this doesn’t count for the fact that studying and working hard in the first place is most important. If you’re really feeling overwhelmed by missing work or low grades, teachers are there to help. Ask to stay after school and review a lesson or go over a quiz. Not only are teachers there for you, but friends are as well. If you’re struggling to make ends meet with your subject, ask your friends to work with you or to tutor you. This takes off the pressure of working with a teacher while still getting help.

2. After talking to teachers or working with friends, it’s important to keep a good mindset. Stay focused on your work with school as your top priority, but make sure this doesn’t take over your life. Take some time off of studying and relax a bit. Spend time doing the things you love after finishing your work in order to take a break and focus back on family, friends, and your normal activities. This will keep your stress down while still managing your work. Take a break every once in a while and remember that school is, in fact, not everything. It’s crucial to make sure you’re not ruining your life trying to achieve straight A’s. While striving for this goal is not only healthy, but a great way to work harder in school, having panic attacks nights before deadlines is not. Although your schoolwork is important, your mental health is equally important.

3. Manage your time well. Set specific times aside for homework, projects and studying. Taking this time will ensure getting everything done, and avoid staying up until 2 a.m. trying to finish everything (I’ve been in this situation one too many times.) This includes working around sports and school. Even canceling plans with friends is sometimes the way to go. Procrastination here is your worst enemy, folks, and by managing your time you can avoid these panic-filled nights. Managing your time goes hand in hand with prioritizing. When picking your classes for next year, keep in mind what you can and can’t handle. For classes like journalism and yearbook, the work can be overwhelming, as well as the time you need to devote to them. Make sure you’re choosing classes that still challenge you without breaking you. This is the last but most important step, something I’ve learned the hard way.

That’s all I have, and I hope this will help (somewhat) with the end of the year, but make sure to check back for more. I wish you all happy studying!