Social media: the climb to the top

More students find fame online through Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Megan Friel, Feature Editor

When it comes to online media, the social ladder is one not so easy to climb. From tweets to snapchats, and from posts to hashtags, social media is one way to the top of this ladder.

With our new day and age, apps like Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat can define you. With every retweet comes more popularity, and with every follower comes a new friend. What teenagers post on social media not only gives you attention online, but offline, as well. The secret of becoming popular on social media lies behind the user: what they post, how they edit, what they think is cool. So, how exactly do you become “popular” on social media? Senior Jacob Cote comments on how he started his rise to the top.

“When I first got my Instagram, I just starting following these people, like my friends and stuff, and they just started following me and I didn’t follow back, and so I try to keep track of my ratio of followers,” said Cote. That’s how I get a lot of likes on Instagram,”Your ratio, or the difference in following/followers, is a key role in your success on social media. Your followers are the people that lead you down the path of popularity, as sophomore Grace Gallant has learned from experience.

“It takes a lot of time,” said Gallant. “You have to build a fan base, like, people have to know who you are and have to like what you post.”

In order to gain followers, real life experiences contribute a lot, such as playing sports, going out, or knowing friends of friends. Junior Brittany Roy thinks of this as one of the more important parts of becoming popular on social media.

“It’s just like knowing a lot of people, so when you talk to people then they follow you after I guess. You have to be social in real life,” Roy said.

One of the hardest parts of posting is pleasing your audience. While you can’t please everyone, the majority must be on your side. Gallant gives some advice on how and what to post.

“You decide what you post a) on you and b) what people are going to retweet or favorite,” Gallant said.

As for which site you post on, the debate between Instagram and Twitter is endless. While Instagram offers cool edits, unique pictures and expressive captions, Twitter gives you a variety of comedy, as well as drama. Roy is #TeamTwitter.

“I like twitter, because sometimes it’s serious but a lot of times a lot of tweets just make me laugh,” Roy said.

Cote, on the other hand, prefers Instagram over any other site.

“I would say Instagram, because you can post pictures and that’s pretty much the most likes I get on social media,” Cote said.

Whether it’s Instagram or Twitter, the idea stays the same. Our social media experts comment on their three steps to popularity.

“Know what to post, make sure your selfies look amazing, and once you follow a lot of people and they follow you back, try to get your ratio to be a good one,” Cote said.

Roy shares her tips.

“Talking to people in real life, you have to have a variety of posts, and I feel like playing sports helps, because usually when you play against people you get followers or you talk to them,” Roy said.

Gallant agrees, taking her own spin of advice.

“You have to follow a bunch of people, just be yourself, and don’t get into a lot of twitter fights, but also don’t be a ghost,” said Gallant. “Not saying you have to tweet every minute, but I’d say like 6 or 7 posts a day, not including retweets, is ok.”

With these simple tips, the climb to the last step of the ladder will be easier than ever.

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