Advice and Abbie: Just Fooling Around

How to make effective pranks while still keeping people’s pride


Abbie Paquette, Co-Sports Editor


I’ve decided that I’m not even going to write a column anymore.April Fools!Yes, it’s that time of year again when pranking becomes the highlight of people’s day. From gluing someone’s shoestrings together to putting toothpaste in someone’s oreos, everyone loves a good prank or two on this special day. Well I’m here to set the boundaries so your harmless fun won’t be too harmful that your prankee will be in social exile, as well as tips on making pranking easy as taking candy from a baby.Rule number one about good pranks is the subtle yet effectiveness of the prank. In order for a prank to actually have its full effect, as well as actually generate some laughs, you as the prankster need to think about the five W’s and H to making a prank work.

WHO: You must only share the information with people that have no relation to the person being pranked, or someone you can trust. This is top secret information to humiliate someone and make them act like a deer in headlights as you scream ‘April Fools!’ at the top of your lungs.

You also don’t want to have to make a backup prank in case they  back stab you in the process. That is honestly 0 to 100 too quick, and trust me, all pranks that are worthwhile are done by the act of the Unbreakable Vow, such as in Harry Potter where Snape and Narcissa made a bond to protect Malfoy! Now that is something you just don’t break, unless you want Voldemort to curse you. Just keep it between you and They-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named and prank your ‘Chosen One.’ And if you’re not a Potterhead like me, to put into simpler words: Make sure it’s someone you can trust

WHAT: To make a prank be the top of its class, it must have all the proper equipment and accessories needed to make the prank success. With one missed item, your prank can go from comedic gold to all depths of hell.

WHEN: You need to make sure that your prank does something that affects the person’s everyday routine. You don’t want to make a goose chase out of it; if you do a prank that coordinates with the person’s daily walks it is sure to be a knee slapper.

For example, if Jimmy goes to get muffins from his local bakery across from his apartment every morning, take the muffins and fill them with toothpaste (while of course already paying for them). The baker doesn’t care, the baker just wants money, and toothpaste can be edible, so there’s no need to have Poison Control on hot-dial. Anyway, Jimmy will be disgusted and your prank will be perfect because that’s Jimmy’s source of food, so, unless this is Survivor, your prank is sure to survive even the most delayed walk.

WHERE: This tip basically goes hand in hand with when. Just make it somewhere they go often, instead of begging them to come see your “sick new wheels” when in reality you want to slam a pie in their face.

WHY: Why are you pranking? Simple, because it’s April Fools Day and you can. Honestly, you’re a good person who wants to delve a little on the dark side, and what’s so wrong with that?

HOW: How are you setting it up? How does this make you and others laugh? If it doesn’t, then the prank isn’t right for you man. Or you could just be a boring square. But let’s just say you’re the first one. If you’re that desperate about a prank, just Google it. Actually, I should say Bing it so I can get money every time searches with Bing, I help you you help me, ja feel?

Types of pranks are surely dependent on what you feel would be funny. Again, since everyone’s humor is different, try stepping out of your comfort zone. My humor involves either really angering things such as Zayn making a new single with ‘Naughty Boy’ or drinking milk with an excess of salt in it. That doesn’t mean stealing their clothes as a horror-filled prank as they run through the streets of Biddeford; just more so that you do something that the other person isn’t expecting.

Along with the basics, taking a prank too far is something that most people need to be cautious of when scheming up a good prank. If you have to dig into someone’s private records or break someone’s heart in the process, it’s best to not ever do those types of pranks… I mean unless you decided you wanted to be a hermit for you college career choice.

While pranks are good and fun, and all is fair game on April Fool’s Day, remember to have a heart and not ruin someone’s life. And if you get pranked, just learn to laugh it off, laughter is good for the soul.

Happy Pranking!