Prioritizing Priorities



Hayley Lefebvre, Staff Writer

I’m not going to sit here and be that person to say “getting an education is important if you want to succeed in life,” because as high school students we hear that all the time. What I will say though is education is the starting point, and as students continue to learn and reason their prospects for health and prosperity expand. It’s things like this that can lead to individual success in your career.

College education needs to be your first priority, and going to college right after high school would be the best choice to fulfill your future career goals. There are many risks students face if they choose to take a year or more off before going to college. Some of these can include unexpected family illness, and financial issues, in which the end result is lack of motivation to further their education. Although unexpected events can happen at any time, at least if you would have been at college during this time you would be all set to go back when the event is over. You wouldn’t have to deal with the stress of enrolling on top of everything else.

Getting an education can greatly influence your career path. Certain jobs have certain requirements that can only be achieved through schooling. For instance with just a high school diploma it’s unlikely you will have a career, more commonly a job, for example cashier at a local grocery store. On the other hand, A 4-year college degree can help improve your career path and open up more opportunities. Accounting and nursing are just two examples, but there are a ton more jobs and careers you can do with just that extra 4 years of education that you wouldn’t qualify for prior to that. The real difference between a job and a career is that a career is the progression towards lifelong goals while earning money, while a job is just a regular everyday activity in exchange for money.

Another reason why education is so important is in order to support yourself, you have to be educated. No one is going to pay your taxes for you, write your checks for you, or balance your bank account for you. Education helps you so you are able to have a higher quality of life. You can afford more, and you get a higher average wage. For example, the median income for young adults with a bachelor’s degree in 2012 was $46,900 a year versus $30,000 a year for those with just a high school credential.  Plus, being educated can lead to better benefits at work like a salary position or full time employment.

Education is important for many reasons, and it’s important to prioritize your education before something gets in the way of you going to college. Education can help you get the job you want, and the life you have always wanted, but it really depends solely on whether it’s first on your list or just on the back burner “for now”.