How to embrace spring fever

With a tough winter, (and partial spring,) it’s no surprise that the “spring fever” has found it’s way to Biddeford High School. For the first time in a long time, the sun is no longer hiding behind the clouds and the grass really does look greener. While spring fever is the gateway to temptation, it’s also a great way to embrace the warmer months ahead. In order to fully enjoy this outbreak of fever, follow these few tips.

1: Indulge in the outside. When nice weather is back in season, never miss the opportunity to spend a day taking walks on the beach, riding bikes, or going for a run. Especially when living in Maine, you never know when the weather will change. One day the sun is shining and the birds are chirping, and the next storm clouds are rolling in, so enjoy it while you can. Summer only lasts for three months, and spring is even shorter, so why not spend those months doing all you can to soak in the loveliness? By spending sometime outdoors you’ll break your cabin fever and maybe even get a nice tan.

2: Start a new routine. Spring is known for the start of “new life.” By starting your day off differently, waking up at a different time or even trying a new diet, you’ll have a fresh start. Spring is a time to renew yourself and make a positive change. Trying out new things, even small things like drinking more water can change your day from “good” to “great.” These little things will make a big impact, especially after following the same routine all winter. Instead of staying inside snuggled up in your blanket cocoon, make it a point to watch the sunrise every morning. Seeing the world while everyone else is asleep is not only beautiful, but worthwhile. By breaking the normal you’ll also be breaking out of the shell you’ve found comfort in over the winter.

3: Make a bucket list. With summer just around the corner, a bucket list is the perfect way to prepare for the crazy summer well on it’s way. These lists can range from trying that new restaurant you’ve had your eye on to skydiving with friends. Bucket lists will ensure that your summer, will be anything but typical, and as for spring fever, they’ll have you going crazy as you wait for summer to arrive. Make sure to include your friends on your list, too, because what’s better than a friend by your side while you try these new things?

As you stare out the window during class, thinking about biking outside instead of algebraic equations, remember: there is no cure to spring fever, so you might as well embrace it. That’s all I have for this week, but make sure to come back next month for my next edition of Meg n’ More!