BHS elections are on their way

It’s almost time for the student body to elect their Class Officers and Student Council Officers once again.

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Michael Tenney, Staff Writer

Elections are coming up in Biddeford High School, with some minor changes coming into the mix.

Small revisions have been made in the election process in order to better the student body, and try to seek out those who are committed and those who aren’t.

Student Council Advisor Mandy Cyr is facilitating the election process.

“[The purpose of Student Council is] to create and maintain an environment within the school community that promotes student and staff participation in school activities and to function as a channel of communication between students, faculty, and surrounding community,” Cyr said.

The Class Officer and Student Council Officer positions are going by the same process of previous years, which include getting a petition signed and making a speech, but becoming a representative is a bit different. Junior Taylor Turgeon has been a part of the upcoming changes.

“We’re moving towards an application process for the representatives and not so much the voting and popularity,” Turgeon said.

Turgeon is supportive of the upcoming election process for Class and Student Council Officers, which is the same as previous years elections.

“[Getting signatures to put your name on the ballot] is a very good way to get public support,” said Turgeon. “You want to get those signatures, it shows dedication.”

Advisor Doreen Collins doesn’t want there to be any confusion when it comes to the election process.

“The only difference for a Student Council Rep is an application process, rather than signatures from their classmates,” said Collins. “What can you contribute? Why do you want to be on student council?”

With running for Class and Student Council officers, it’s the same as what students are used to.

“They have a petition they have to fill out, they have to give a speech in front of their class, unless they’re running for a student council officer position then it would be in front of the student body,” Cyr said.

Some students may feel that running for a position on the council can be nerve-wracking, especially with some students running and not knowing what they’re getting into. Senior class advisor Jayne Sheltra understands the frustration behind it.

“I think it would be very heart-wrenching if you put in a lot of time and effort and you go through the motions to become an elected officer for your class and then you lose,” said Sheltra. “I’m sure it can be very difficult, but that’s what happens in elections. No one can win all the time.”

Turgeon also gets annoyed when it comes to people who appear unqualified, run in the elections.

“Think about what you’re getting into before you do it. It’s gonna ruin a lot of things for a lot of people,” Turgeon said.

When somebody who doesn’t know what they’re doing gets in charge it can damage the class in the long run. Also, in order to try to better the Student Council, the position of “President-At-Large” has been eliminated.

“I actually like the idea of getting rid of it [President-At-Large]. My position was created so I could gain experience, and I have gained experience, but I honestly don’t think it is necessary,” Turgeon said.

Turgeon doesn’t believe that you have to shadow the Student Council President in order to gain experience, which is what being President-At-Large consists of.

“I think anyone can gain that knowledge by just participating [on the Council], you don’t have to be President-At-Large,” Turgeon said.

Learning the ropes of Student Council starts at the beginning of freshman year.

“I think all the freshmen struggle with the fact that it’s a real job and not just a token responsibility. There’s a lot of work to be done, like planning homecoming, and fundraising,” Sheltra said.

The freshmen will go through the election process in the Fall of the next school year.

“When we get back in September, Mrs. Collins and I and the student council advisors will sit down and make sure that we have a plan for when this information will be given out to the freshmen,” Cyr said.

The freshmen will be notified of all Class Officer and Student Council positions that are offered to them, whether it be running for President, or becoming a representative of their class.

“Part of that role as a representative is to represent their class,” said Cyr. “Not their friends, not the people that they’re on this sports team with or this club with, or this class with, they need to represent the student body of their class.

Representing the class you’re in is extremely important, whether you run in the elections or not. Be prepared for what you’re getting into, no matter what you’re aiming to achieve.