UNE press conference brings changes to Biddeford AP students

With this new agreement, students will have the opportunity to save one year of school, if attending UNE.

Megan Friel, Editor in Chief


Biddeford High School held a press conference in honor of the contract signing for a new agreement between Biddeford High School and the University of New England this Wednesday.

This agreement states that credits from AP courses at Biddeford High School will transfer to the University of New England, as long as the student scores high enough on their AP exam. Transferring AP course credits is typical with most colleges, but the difference in this agreement is that students will be able to transfer all of their credits, not just a select few.

“The UNE agreement allows us and allows them to basically have a pipeline back and forth where they’re saying they’ll take up to thirty,” said principal of Biddeford High School Jeremie Sirois. “So if you take ten AP courses…and three credits a piece, and you score a three or a four, they’ll take every one of those, where as some schools might only take a few of them.”

President Dr. Danielle Ripich spoke on behalf of the University of New England at the press conference.

“When I drove up and saw that wonderful UNE welcome sign, I got goosebumps,” said Ripich. “Let me tell you, this is a wonderful day in the life of the university and the sun is shining on Biddeford and on UNE today.”

Superintendent Jeremy Ray explained how the new agreement with the university will work.

“Beginning this year, students at Biddeford High School have the opportunity to engage in rigorous academic programs, and with successful completion and acceptance into UNE,” Ray said.

This will save allow students to complete up to 10 college courses while still in high school. UNE will then match these courses with courses that they provide at their university and transfer their credits.

“It will enable high performing Biddeford High students who enroll in UNE to earn college transfer credits that potentially allow them to complete their bachelor’s degree in three years, thus saving a year of tuition, time, and allowing them to enter the workforce that much sooner,” Ripich said.

Biddeford High School and UNE have a purpose to work towards building the community and working together through this agreement.

“Just as the city of Biddeford is re-inventing itself, and is on the verge of becoming once more a great city where the river falls, so are our schools,” Ray said.

While UNE and BHS have worked together in the past, this agreement is a new start for Biddeford High School and it’s students.

“We really believe that we are a part of the community, where we reside in no places that more true than here in Biddeford, where we really see as a home and the home of our institution,” said Ripich. “We look forward to sharing lots of opportunities around our campuses and our collegiate athletics, all kinds of ways that we see us being able to connect.”

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