New freshman class brings newly elected officers

Four freshman are elected Class Officers as the new school year begins.


Michael Tenney

The Freshman Ballot.

Michael Tenney, Staff Writer

Starting off the new school year is stressful, getting supplies for new classes and trying to find a table in the lunchroom and not in the library. High School for Freshman can be even more worrisome, let alone running for office.

This past week, the freshman elected four students to be Class Officers’. Co-Advisor of the Class of 2019, Patrick Sylvia, is excited to be a part of this class.

“It’s a new experience for me, I work really well with a lot of the other teachers here,” said Sylvia. “I’m looking forward to working with Mrs. Tarpy [fellow Co-Advisor] and I think it’s going to be a great experience for me and the whole Class of 2019 to get to know each other and hopefully make their next four years go really well for them.”

Class of 2019 President, Makayla Jean-Paul, is just as excited as Sylvia. Jean-Paul comes from St. James, a smaller school outside the Biddeford School System.

I’m really excited to get to know everybody, get to know all their names, [and] make a bunch of new friends. I just really want to have a bunch of fun this year,”

— Mikayla Jean-Paul

Jean-Paul said.

With several events coming up, Class of 2019 Vice President Madison Arnold is looking forward to making her mark.

“I’m most excited for the homecoming stuff we get to plan,” said Arnold. “[Such as] the song we have to do, that’s super fun.”

While Homecoming week is getting closer, freshman year is about more than that.

“I think the first year is really about getting to know the class,” said Sylvia. “Having a plan moving forward, for junior and senior year in particular. [And] just making sure that everything is established so when the time comes, it’s not up in the air as to what the plan is and what everyone is going to do.”

Arnold knows that freshman year is a lot of responsibility, especially as a Class Officer.

“All the fundraising we have to get done, it’s a lot of work,” Arnold said.

Jean-Paul is ready for the responsibility, and to get to know her peers after getting advice from her mother.

“She [my Mother] told me it was a ton of fun, it helps you get involved, get to know everybody, and I’m a really shy kid, believe it or not, so I decided that in my high school year I was going to Makayla Jean-Paul‘spread my wings’ and get to know everybody,” Jean-Paul said.

While knowing the class is important, fundraising and planning is too.

“I just plan on representing in the best way possible, and just being able to get stuff done so we’re ahead of the game for our sophomore year,” Arnold said.

Planning for the future is exactly what Jean-Paul is doing.

“I plan on getting everybody’s idea’s to be heard. I don’t want us to be divided, I don’t want there to be cliques and stuff, I want us to be one freshman class,” said Jean-Paul. “Not just a bunch of people broken up.”

Sylvia plans to learn with them, just as much as he plans to guide them.

“They’re here for the same reason I am,” said Sylvia. “It’s a learning experience for me just as much as it is for any student. Teacher’s learn everyday just as you guys do.”

Sylvia gave advice to the four newly elected Class Officers.

“Work with [Mrs. Tarpy and I], be as involved as you possibly can within the school, within the community, and look for ways to make things happen,” Sylvia said.

Jean-Paul hoped to get involved and help bring her class together.

“We should stick together and not break apart,” said Jean-Paul. “I hope this year, everybody comes together, everybody becomes friends, and we’re just one freshman class.”

Newly Elected Class of 2019 Class Officers:

President: Mikayla Jean-Paul

Vice President: Madison Arnold

Secretary: Grace Boisvert

Treasurer: Joshua Bilsky