Milestone 100th victory for Curit

Coach Curit achieved his 100th game win against the Noble Knights.

"Coach Curit with his 100th career win #mesports #5QME" @PrincipalBiddHS

Hailey Woodman, Staff Writer

The head football coach reached a coaching milestone of winning one hundred games with a 35-0 victory over the Knights of Noble High school Friday, September 11.

Social Science teacher, Brian Curit has been a coach for as long as most athletes can remember, his first season beginning in 1990 as a Freshman coach. Curit’s coaches influenced him to continue with football, and he believes that is what carried him to his one hundredth win.

“I think what influenced me to coach were my coaches,” said Curit.” The guys that certainly influenced me, I think that was the push I needed.”

Leading Curit’s team on the field is one of four captains. Senior Jeremy Lugiano believes that the experience was an amazing feeling and he’ll never forget that night.

“I think it’s awesome knowing that we were apart of it, he’ll always look back on that game and think of us,” said Lugiano. “I’m glad I was there.”

Former assistant coach and social science teacher Michael Redmond explains what coach Curit means to him and the BHS football program.

“I take a lot of pride in that [coaching alongside Curit],” said Redmond. “He’s one of the greatest coaches in Biddeford and in my opinion Maine football history.”

Some members believe that Curit impacts them on and off the field, teaching them not only how to better their game, but their lives too.

“He really teaches us lessons about life, not just football,” said Lugiano. “He tells us all the time football teaches you the most important life lessons.”

In a city like Biddeford, news travels fast, so when word of the game got out, news stations were all over it. After the game, Curit and his captains, including senior Lucas Rhoy, were quickly interviewed.

“After the game coach, the captains, and I went to a news station for an interview which was fun,” Rhoy said.

Many rumors have circulated about when Curit plans on retiring as head coach, however, he doesn’t see that day approaching anytime soon.

“At this point I still very much like coaching, I know a lot of people think that when Joey [his son] gets done, I will be too, and you know what, that’s not true,” said Curit. “I anticipate coaching at least another five, six, maybe even seven years.”

Tiger pride is a tradition BHS students, staff, and alumni carry through each generation, and Redmond believes that Coach Curit defines the true meaning of tiger pride.

“He’s the guy that lives and exemplifies tiger pride,” said Redmond. “A lot of people talk about what tiger pride means, and really, it’s him to a tee, he lives tiger pride.”

To former player Matthew Forcier, Curit has been an influential part of his life, making him out to be, in his eyes, a better man.

“Coach Curit has been a role model to me ever since I was in the 6th grade. The way he carries himself is always with the utmost class and he treats everyone with so much respect,” said Forcier. “I always told my parents that if I grow up to be anything like Coach Curit, I will have grown up to be a good man.”

As fun as winning games can be, when it comes down to it Curit feels that he is extremely grateful to be apart of such an amazing program.

“I would like to thank the guys that made it happen Friday night,” said Curit. “It seemed to be a very big deal to them too, I am humbled by that.”

Curit is grateful to be reaching this milestone but, he is looking forward to his twelfth championship the most.

“It’s a number that means a lot to me,” said Curit. “I was a part of one as a player here, two as a freshman coach, two as a varsity assistant coach, and one as a head coach, so I would really like to be a part of the twelfth one too.”

In the eyes of his players, Curit has really changed the way these boys are becoming men, especially in the eyes of Forcier.

“It’s been 11 years since I played for Coach, and I still hear his voice in a lot of things I do,” said Forcier.” ‘Worry about yourself’,’Do your own job’, ‘Carry yourself with class’, all these lessons that he taught us on the field carried over into my personal and professional life.”

As a friend, co-worker, and former assistant coach, Redmond believes he knows exactly what has taken Curit so far with his coaching.

“There’s no substitute for hard work, and he’s an incredibly hard worker, he’s a really intelligent coach,” said Redmond. “He gets the most out of his kids, they know how dedicated he is and they’ll do anything for him, and that’s why I think he’s been so successful.”