Athlete Of The Week- Trevor Jordan

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Athlete Of The Week- Trevor Jordan

Hailey Woodman, Staff Writer

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What made you decide to do XC in high school?

“I decided to do cross country because I started to run on my own time during the summer of my sophomore year and I decided that I enjoyed. So I joined the team and really liked racing competitively.”

What has made you so successful in XC this season?

“I have become successful from my supporting team and coach. My coach has helped me throughout this whole season to help me perform at my best this season. Not only him ,but my team has been supporting me in all my races by cheering me on and helping become a better runner.”

How does it feel to be doing XC this season?

“It feels great to be running cross country again. Everyday the team is always energetic and getting along with each other and it gives me something to look forward to each day.”

What do you have to say to the people who say that XC isn’t a sport?

“They can believe what they want to believe. If running isn’t a sport, how would you play any other sport?  Running is involved mainly in every sporting activity. Everyone can go out and run a 5k but, not everyone can race a 5k. Cross Country isn’t just about going out and running a 5k and calling it good. It’s about what you can do as an individual and what you can accomplish with your team. It takes dedication, mental and physical toughness, hard-work, and doing your absolute best concludes what it’s actually about. If other people think otherwise then they should try it and see for themselves.”

Do you believe your team’s records effectively shows your team’s achievements?

“We did have a winning record this season, however I don’t think that it shows our team’s true potential. Some people can have a bad race and others could have their best race of the season during that same meet.”

Do you believe that XC is a growing sport in our school?

“Comparing to this season and last season’s team I believe it is. Last year our team had only 15 boys and girls on the team and we didn’t have a full girls team. This year we have 28 runners and finally have a full girl’s team. I think that it has become a little bit more popular than it has in the past.”

Do any of the underclassmen look up to you?

“I would say yes. They always came to me for advice on how to improve themselves as a runner. Some of them would even run with me at practice so they knew how to pace themselves or know how to have a proper running form.”

What are your goals for the future in competing in this sport?

“Considering that my last meet is States. The only thing goal I have is do my best and place as high as I can.”

How has this sport impacted your senior year so far?

“Running cross country has impacted me greatly. It has made me a better individual and a stronger leader. It has also showed me that hard work can get you a long way. I would also say that it has impacted the most for me in my fitness and it will help me have a successful indoor track season.”

Who will you miss next year? What are you going to miss about doing high school XC?

“I’m going to miss everyone on my team. However i’m going to miss my closest friends the most such as Ben, Dwayne, Seth, Abby, Jija, Riley, Jacob, and Jordan. I’m also gonna miss going to Rotary Park every day and being apart of the team, laughing about the stupidest things that we come up with and overall running with my teammates.”

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