Fresh Face: “Burt’s Bees Face Scrub”

Michael Tenney, Staff Writer

Scraping the dead skin off of your face can be disgusting; but exfoliating can be one of the most important things in your skin routine. Exfoliating is the removing of all of the nasty dead skin cells off of your face. Don’t feel bad about that though because everyone has dead skin cells; it isn’t just you.

Recently, I purchased a new exfoliator, which I hoped would work better than the last. However, if I’m being completely honest, the one I had originally worked just fine. I only changed it because I was in a bad mood and getting new skincare products makes me happy. I go home, wash my face, and immediately am reborn. It’s kind of a big deal if you think about it.

This new exfoliator that I purchased is called “Burt’s Bees Deep Pore Scrub” and it smells horrible. The smell literally resembles me in seventh grade. Now I don’t know if I smelted bad in seventh grade, but I looked bad, and it’s basically the same thing. Except this exfoliator is worse.

Even though it smells disgusting, it works great. It removes all of those nasty dead skin cells, and it does its job. If you don’t mind smell, this product is for you. If you do mind smell, find something different-probably a Neutrogena exfoliator or Clearasil.

The product itself looks like cream cheese frosting with sprinkles in it. The “sprinkles” are what exfoliate your skin. The cream part I’m not sure about. I just assumed it holds the “sprinkles” together, but I could be wrong. I would google it but I don’t want to if I’m being honest.

When using this product, be near a wet environment. I don’t care if it’s in the shower, if it’s over the bathroom sink; be near water. Application is easy, just take some of the product out of the container, scrub it all over your face, and wash if off. Poof! You just exfoliated your skin. Congratulations, you receive a high-five. Redeem this high-five with the nearest person in your general area.

If I had to rate this exfoliator on a scale of 1-10, I’d rate it a 6. It works perfectly fine and does it’s job, it just smells horrible. The first thing I smell when I get up in the morning is that exfoliator and it is not pleasant. However, it does wake me up which is a good thing. With this smell I’ve also learned to breathe through my mouth more instead of my nose. See, as long as you look at the positives of this product, the smell starts to become less disgusting.

I will recommend this product to all of you as well. Try it. If you don’t like it throw it out. If you do like it, keep it I suppose. If you’re interested in viewing what this product looks like; check my instagram (@michaeltenney). There will be an artistic shot of this exfoliator, followed by a deep quote about life. If you don’t like that sort of thing, oh well.