The Movie Buff November: Spectre

Colby Perron (A.K.A The Movie Buff) reviews the newest 007 movie, "Spectre."

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Colby Perron, News Editor

The name is Buff, The Movie Buff, and I went to see the newest installment in the only film franchise that has more movies than the “Land Before Time” and more conveniently placed couches than “The Pit” at Bob’s Discount Furniture, the James Bond franchise. This is the series where everything is a secret door, and everyone leads back to the bad guys. Obviously, I went to see “Spectre,” the 24th installment in the 007 franchise and allegedly the last to star Daniel Craig. Now, “this is the end, hold your breath and count to ten,” because I am going to tell you all about “Spectre.”

So, “Spectre” stars Tom Cruise and Simon Pegg where they go to take down the Syndicate and become rogue agents for their home government… Oh wait, that’s not “Spectre,” that’s this year’s other spy movie with the same exact plotline, but executed better and in a much more fun sense, “Mission Impossible V: Rogue Nation.

“Spectre” actually stars Daniel Craig as James Bond, agent 007 of the British Intelligence on his mission to take down a crime organization Spectre and becomes a rogue agent for his home government (See what I mean?) Now of course, “Spectre” and “MIV” did have some major differences and both were good in their own way. However, “Spectre” was a disappointing film nonetheless. After all of the hype and even the opening scene, “Spectre” seemed to be quickly becoming the best Bond of all time, but that title still is held by Craig’s other Bond film: “Casino Royale.”

Before I go and rant on this movie, I want to say that it was not terrible at all, so I am going to talk about all of the good parts here. One, this movie was beautifully shot. The cinematography was excellent and aside from those nuisance transitions that go from a dark underground basement in Eastern Europe (where they are holding me and forcing me to write this) to the middle of Saudi Arabia, temporarily blinding the audience and causing an overwhelmingly loud use of simultaneous profane language.

Another plus is Daniel Craig is always a great Bond (except “Quantum of Solace. We don’t speak of “Quantum of Solace.”) Personally, I like him even better than Sean Connery (I still love you Sean!) Along with a great Bond is always great action, and “Spectre” definitely delivers with great fights aboard helicopters, in cars, on balconies, in a train, in a laboratory, in a burning building…you catch my drift. Finally, we get a Bond Girl that may stay for one or two more movies? But that probably won’t happen.

However, there is a lot to be disappointed about in “Spectre”. While there was good action, it was far and few between, causing long boring moments of people awkwardly checking their social media and trying not to be too obvious about it (yeah, I saw you middle aged mom who was forced there by her son and his friends). Along with the slow pacing, the waste of a villain really bothered me. Christoph Waltz as a Bond Villain? Hop on the hype train! Sadly, the hype train is currently out for maintenance and we get on board the “This could have been cool but we underused Christoph Waltz” train because he was barely used until ⅔ of the way through the movie. Rather than great Bond villains like Goldfinger or La Chiffre, Waltz’s villain was more like Jigsaw from “Saw” with little games for Bond to play. Waltz was way underused and could have been the next Goldfinger, but instead, we got V from “V for Vendetta’s” younger brother who wants to be a big bad guy, but instead blows up a building or two and not much else.

If you like the campiness of the old Bond films, you’ll probably enjoy “Spectre.” I personally did enjoy it for that, but much like the “Dark Knight Trilogy”, sometimes the grittier movies are better than the campy ones. So is this movie worth seeing? It’s up to your opinion on the Bond movies. If you like the grittier ones (or are Alex Keely, who rated this movie at a 5 out of 10 as he has never seen a single 007 movie and doesn’t appreciate the art), it’s probably not for you, but if you don’t care and just want to go see a bunch of people fight and hear a soundtrack that has held up since the 1960’s, then I say go see it. While it can’t hold a candle to the superior “Goldfinger,” “Skyfall,” and especially “Casino Royale,” it isn’t the worst of the Bond films (I’m looking at you every Bond made by Timothy Dalton and George Lazenby) and has enough to enjoy for a franchise fan to be satisfied, maybe hoping for a bit more, but okay with what they got. Plus, I can’t complain, I didn’t have to go see “Paranormal Activity…”
So that’s all for today. Next month, I’ll be coming out with the most anticipated movie of the year… “The Hunger Gam….” just kidding. “Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens!” Until then, May the Force be with You.