Hoverboard craze

With more and more New Englanders buying the new technology of the "hoverboard," population of the board is increasing.


Megan Friel, Editor in chief

Everyone remembers the “Back to The Future” scene when Marty jumps onto his hoverboard and rides away. Although this scene was filmed thirty years ago, the hoverboard is making a comeback.

A new self-balancing electric scooter, called the hoverboard, makes transportation easy and efficient Usually seen on popular social media apps, such as Vine or Twitter, more and more people everyday are investing in the hoverboard. Two students from Biddeford High School, sophomore Chase Locke and senior Luke Gouldsborough, have already jumped on bandwagon.

“I saw it on Twitter everywhere, and Chase Locke had one, so I decided to buy one,” Gouldsborough said.

The hoverboard first caught Locke’s interest after seeing it on Twitter.

“Seeing a bunch of videos [got me interested in it], and it looked fun,” Locke said.

Sophomore Chase Locke
Megan Friel
Sophomore Chase Locke

On the other hand, freshman Colby Plante, who doesn’t have a hoverboard but hopes to soon purchase one, first saw the hoverboard on a commercial being promoted by ‘viners.’

“I saw it on a commercial actually. It was a viner that was on TV,” said Plante. “I saw them on commercials. I saw Chase had one.”

The hoverboard has several nicknames for it, usually being referred to as a scooter or a segway, but Gouldsborough came up with his own name.

“I nicknamed it. I called it a ‘broper,’” said Gouldsborough. “Thats what name Cody [Sevigny] and I came up with.”

In terms of using the hoverboard, the mechanics can be tricky, and may take some getting used to.

“There are like 4 buttons,” said Gouldsborough. “There is one for each of your toes and one for each of your heels, so when you lean forward on your toes it’s going to go forward, and when you lean back on your heels it’s going to go backwards, and when you go opposite it’s going to spin, so you have to shift your weight.”

The hoverboard is diverse because of the many places to use it. Locke has even brought it to school. Gouldsborough, on the other hand, has used it in Target to the point of being kicked out for using the board.

“I use it around my house, or if I go to the store, I can use it there,” said Locke. “It’s just fun to ride. It takes little to no work to actually ride.”

Purchasing is available on their website, www.hoverboard.com, though this option is a bit pricier. On their website, the hoverboard sells for around $3,000. There are several other websites selling the board as well for less of a price, although not by much. As a cheaper alternative, Locke and Gouldsborough purchased theirs on Amazon, Gouldsborough for $360 and Locke for $500.

“The other ones I saw that were actually the ‘real ones,’ were like a thousand-something [dollars],” said Gouldsborough. “I paid half, my parents paid the other, so yeah, it was a reasonable price.”

Unlike just another skateboard, the board is “something new” that brings a futuristic aspect to a generation that revolves around new electronics.

“You can control yourself just by leaning and you don’t have to pedal or anything like that,” said Plante. “They’re worth the money.”

Locke agrees that the board is bringing a new aspect to the 21st century.

I like the characters, they’re really funny, and the storylines are just outrageous sometimes. You can imagine yourself in a separate world.”

— Chase Locke

This “futuristic world” became the main idea for the board. Companies that produce the hoverboard brought the typical skateboarding to a new level with the hoverboard in hopes of moving more towards the future. This trend spread throughout the country, and even the world, and found it’s way into trending in New England.

“I can see it trending in New England,” said Gouldsborough. “I threw a little party thing for Halloween, and I saw easily 7 or 8 kids just riding them [the hoverboard]. It’s not a device, it’s a toy.”

Gouldsborough disagrees. While this trend has evolved, it still may be too pricey for the average person.

“I think at first everyone was liking them, but now it’s starting to die down a little bit,” said Gouldsborough. “I think more people are going to get them once they’re more cheap.”

With the future of technology looking bright, a more and more electronics evolving, this doesn’t seem like the end for the hoverboard.