Emoji update brings mixed feelings to BHS

The new emoji update leaves BHS students with an array of emotions; whether they be positive or negative.

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Michael Tenney, Staff Writer

The most recent emoji update brings some students at Biddeford High School to express even more emotions through a simple icon in a text message.

Among these students is sophomore Brook Davis. She is excited to see what the new emoji update adds to her text messaging experience.

“If you’re texting somebody and you say ‘Oh I wanna tweet about that emoji we’re talking about,’ but they don’t have that emoji [so you can’t tweet it],” said Davis. “One time, I was talking about cheese and they didn’t have [it]. I was really mad because I wished they had a cheese emoji.”

With this update, Davis no longer worries about whether a cheese emoji exists to tweet about. However, junior Lyna Kheang never worries about using emojis at all due to her distaste in the emoticons.

“At first I thought [emojis] were cool but when everyone constantly used it every single text message it got annoying,” Kheang said.

Sophomore Lauren McCallum feels similarly to Kheang, finding that the majority of the emojis are pointless and don’t make sense.

[They have] a plug, like why? Why do you need that?”

— Lauren McCallum

said McCallum. “[They have] a knife [too]? I understand people use that, but that is just violent.”

While McCallum finds a good portion of the emojis pointless, she still enjoys using the general emoticons every now and again; such as the laughing emoji.

“If it’s something funny or if I just don’t have much to say and an emoji will be enough, then I’ll use it,” said McCallum. “‘Life is better when you’re laughing,’to be cliché.”

Davis appreciates the variations of the emojis, with all of the different types of desserts and vegetables.

“I like the taco emoji because they didn’t have one before and I really like tacos,” said Davis. “They have a burrito one which is good because people go to Chipotle and you want to tweet about Chipotle.”Lauren McCallum

McCallum believes Apple-the creator of the iPhone and the new emoji update-covered a lot throughout this change.

“I think people are really excited,” said McCallum. “I think they’re taking it too far though because it’s literally just emojis. They’re getting excited over something so simple.”

Kheang experiences taking emoji usage too far throughout her day-to-day life, whether it be in a chain-message or just a regular text.

“If someone was exaggerating a story, they use emojis to have a picture to go with the story and it’s kind of not needed,” said Kheang. “A smiley face emoji is fine, but there are a bunch of random ones that don’t make sense.”

Unlike Kheang, Davis uses emojis frequently throughout her text-messaging life.

“If you want to say something and you don’t want to be mean about it, you add a few emojis to lighten it [the mood] up,” Davis said.

While the many emojis are available for use, McCallum doesn’t see why she would use them in the first place.

“I’ve seen the ones they updated, and I’m not gonna use those,” said McCallum.  “[It’s just not] something I’m freaking out over like, ‘Oh my gosh I have to get the update because there’s a unicorn emoji.’”

Even though there are those who don’t like emojis, Davis is among the people that do.

“[There are] just more options to choose from,” said Davis. “[And] definitely more things to talk about. Everyone is like ‘Have you seen this new emoji?’”