Fresh Face: “Kryolan TV Paint Stick”

Michael Tenney, Staff Writer

This month, I decided to go a different route, take a turn for the better (or worse, who knows). Instead of reviewing a face cleansing product, I wanted to do a makeup product. Now, I don’t wear makeup on a normal basis, but I do know a thing or two about makeup.

The product of the month is a “Kryolan TV Paint Stick” in shade 2W. This is the exact foundation I wore to Homecoming this past October. Homecoming was kind of a bore because I went and not every single person’s eyes were on me. I’d say about 85% of eyes were, but that just wasn’t enough.

About one percent of that 85% consisted of a small group of boys. They were glaring at me; which didn’t bother me because if I’m being completely honest, I love attention. I was semi-living for it, and I didn’t know whether to go up to them, wave, or do something. So, I blew them a few kisses just to let them know that I acknowledged them, and they’re stupid.

I think they were definitely staring at me because they were jealous of this foundation. Mostly because this foundation is fabulous, and I think it’s definitely something to get your hands on. The coverage is fabulous, I used a rip-off “Beauty Blender” to apply it (my original “Beauty Blender” got gross and I needed a quick replacement). The application is flawless. It is very easy to get onto your skin, I think it’s because it’s a literal stick so you just wipe it on.

The price is $21.75, plus shipping and handling (I had to get it online since I’m lazy and didn’t feel like going to the mall). Whether that’s in your price range isn’t a big deal, spend it anyway. It’s a good foundation. Buy it.

This product doesn’t seem to be too bad for your skin, I had it on for a few hours and I was fine. I just had to wash it all off because I’m obviously not going to go to bed with makeup on. That’s like asking for a breakout.

The only complaint about this product is that I used the same product (just a different shade) for contouring. Basically, it was not fun to apply. I had watched some tutorials online (drag queens, obviously) and the application of it looked so sleek and easy. I had to push it down on my face a bit harder than I’d like too and that probably caused my pores to get a lot more disgusting than they needed too.

Even though the contouring wasn’t the best experience, I do recommend this product. I think it’ll be useful with no matter what you use it for. Whether it’s to use it for foundation, or to have the same foundation as me. I’d completely understand if you want to have the same foundation as me, I’m basically a celebrity. I like to think of myself as the Kim Kardashian of Biddeford High School.

If you want me to review a specific product, send me fanmail! I probably won’t take your opinion into consideration, but I’ll never pass up the chance for people to compliment me.

XO, Michael