Trumps movement to Muslims

Megan Friel, Editor in Chief

As Donald Trump extends a new proposal on the banning of Muslim citizens, Americans are contemplating taking away the freedom of those who most deserve it. With the possibility of Trump coming into office, America is far from the land of the free.

Trump has no moral value as to what is right, wrong, or politically correct. I recently interviewed a Muslim student for a piece I was writing on the Civil Rights Team at my school, and when I asked her about her goals for the upcoming year, she went into explaining how she planned on welcoming new students, particularly of the Muslim faith. We began discussing Trump’s proposal to ban all Muslims from entering the U.S., to which she commented: “I don’t think Trump joined a civil rights team in high school.”

After hearing about Trump’s campaign to brand all Muslim citizens in the U.S. with badges, as well as the idea to ban all Muslims, I was shocked to find that this wasn’t just a sick joke. By extending the idea that the general population of Muslims are a threat to our country, we are unfairly stereotyping an entire religion. Much like how Hitler tried to brand Jewish citizens, Trump believes in forcing identification onto existing Muslims living in the U.S. Not only is this idea more terrifying than the thought of having Trump in office, but it scares me to think that there are people living in the U.S. supporting this idea. With the identification of Muslims, we are single-handedly attacking an entire religion that is innocent. I strongly stand behind the #NotAllMuslims movement, which enforces the idea that not all Muslims want to harm anyone. In fact, it generates the idea that a majority of people that practice the Muslim religion are peaceful. By forcing them to wear badges of identification we are wrongfully stereotyping, as well as putting blame, on ALL Muslims.

I hope I speak on behalf of my generation when I say that Trump’s proposal is far from “making America great again.” In my interview with the Civil Rights Team member, she also admitted that even though she was Muslim, she didn’t wear a Hijab out of fear that no one would like her or even speak to her. We must stop this anti-Muslim culture that has evolved in our country, which Trump is only encouraging. Whether or not we see it happening, we are segregating people of the Muslim faith both globally and within our communities. Whether it be prohibiting refugees from entering the country or ignoring the girl in the Hijab at lunch, we are in and of itselves enforcing this segregation. With the support of this campaign, we are only pushing this segregation further and further. Trump has no sympathy for Muslims, and this proposal shows it.

Since the Paris attacks, there has been much speculation over the Muslim religion in general, along with the refugee crisis situation. While some Americans extended their support to the city of love, others focused on what would happen next. Trump, in response to this, turned on an entire religion. By supporting the idea of banning/branding Muslims, we are feeding into fear. We are satisfying terrorists, we are giving into the threats, and we are surrendering our pride. Paris, in response to the attacks, has since stood it’s ground. They refuse to show their fear or to let these attacks prevent them from living their lives as usual. In fact, the French have accepted the Muslim culture and extended a home for tens of thousands of refugees. Instead of falling at the feet of fear, France has shown nothing but courage and love, which is more than I can say for Trump. The answer is not to bow down to this fear by banning Muslims but instead to open our homes to them with love and acceptance. America was built off of the idea of freedom of religion, but we are now subject to the idea that this constitutional right is only acceptable for some religions. This shows neither the strength, independence, or courage that America prides itself in, but instead shines a light on the cowardice country we have become.