Fresh Face: “All Natural Shaving Cream”

Michael Tenney, Staff Writer

While trying to switch to a more organic/vegan lifestyle, I’ve been looking for an organic shaving cream. This isn’t just because I think it stands for several good things, but mainly because I think it’s cute to show off a cute little organic shaving cream bottle. Call me vain. I don’t care.

I purchased the “All Natural Shaving Cream” produced by the Pacific Shaving Company. Basically, this three ounce bottle contains about six ounces of magic for about five dollars. It’s good, but not amazing. Granted, I haven’t encountered a shaving cream that can be deemed as the best thing since sliced bread, but I’d like too.

Shaving is a chore; it’s annoying, agonizing, painful, to say the least, excruciating. There is never a time when I want to shave, and when I do, there is always a missing patch somewhere and if there isn’t then my face is lying to me.

This shaving cream is different from others I’ve tried. Instead of pressing a button and having the cream flow out, it’s in a bottle, similar to a tube of toothpaste or a cleanser. The shaving cream doesn’t foam up – which allows me to reach the places I rarely am able to get. A particular place that comes to mind is right where my jaw meets my neck. That little crevice is basically the annoying five-year-old at the wedding party playing hide and seek and you can’t find them. If you give up, they start to cry obnoxiously and then everyone looks at you like ‘wow, what a jerk,’ but this five-year-old is the jerk. This crevice is that five-year-old.

When I tried the shaving cream for the first time I was slightly surprised by the smell. I’m used to those obnoxious odors from companies like Gillette (yeah Gillette, I’m calling you out) and whatever other companies there are. This shaving cream smells fresh and awakening. I wouldn’t say “it’s like waking up to a blissful morning with daffodils arising from the beautiful earth” because that’s annoying and stupid. I’ve tried those products and I’m still at the sink washing my face in the dead of winter with the water running, dry skin, and a craving for food.

The only complaint I have about this product is the size. It’s annoying that I pay five dollars for three ounces of product. The reason I didn’t completely avoid this product leads to me wanting to find an organic shaving cream. I figured an organic shaving cream may be more expensive than others, and I was willing to sacrifice my hard-earned money for a product of bliss. It’s so coincidental that I compare this product to bliss because that is exactly how everyone I know would describe my personality.