Finding the right path – What’s Your Story?

Junior Skye Kendrick found a career path that makes her happy, with the help of many that support her through thick and thin.

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Michael Tenney, Staff Writer

Finding direction as a teenager in high school is one of the toughest challenges to face when it comes to discovering where a student belongs. With a direction in mind, junior Skye Kendrick knows precisely where she belongs: sonography. Sonography consists of tasks such as taking x-rays or ultrasounds

She found sonography through her boyfriend’s mother. They sat together talking of what Kendrick wanted to do after high school, what her interests pertained to, and where she saw herself in the future.

“She asked me what I wanted to do after I ended high school,” said Kendrick. “I said cosmetology and we were talking about that. Then she was explaining about her job and it just brought up interest.”

Kendrick’s current job at SMHC allows her to gain more experience for her future career path, even if it’s not necessarily working in the rooms, but cleaning them.

Where I work, I actually go into those sonography rooms and see everything,”

— Skye Kendrick

Where I work, I actually go into those sonography rooms and see everything, said Kendrick. “It looks really cool to work with. It’s a cleaning job and I love to clean. I’ve had a lot of experience with it and it’s something that I like to do.”

Kendrick’s past job also consisted of cleaning. Except instead of sonography rooms, she cleaned motel rooms.

“I had a cleaning job in the past,” said Kendrick. “It was vacuuming, changing the beds, doing the trash, [and] cleaning windows.”

From this motel job, Kendrick experienced getting an x-ray herself. A plate fell onto her big toe, breaking it, which led to her receiving an x-ray. It also made her interested in what would later be her chosen career path.

“When I went to the hospital I went into the x-ray room and thought it was kind of interesting,” said Kendrick. “I think from then on is when I thought it was a cool thing; and [I] became more interested as I got older.”

Kendrick finds support for her goals within her friends, family, and especially her mother. She values her mother’s advice particularly when it comes to what makes her happy.unnamed

“She’s always there for me and she tries to give me the best advice that she can because I’m her little baby,” said Kendrick. “She will always be there to support me and encourage me to achieve my goals in life. And wherever it may take me. She will always be by my side.”

With a vision in mind and a mother who supports her, Kendrick isn’t afraid of what lies beyond her years after high school ends and life starts its engines.
“I’m passionate about things I want to do in life,” said Kendrick. “I’m passionate about my friends, and being the person I want to be. A good person, a good role model.”