Fresh Face: “Burt’s Bees Herbal Blemish Stick”


Michael Tenney, Staff Writer

I’ve had a life-changing experience. Before, I was a naive child with overalls and pigtails. Now, I’m a mature adult. My life is now filled with experience, determination, a fabulous aesthetic, and a humble attitude. “Burt’s Bees: Herbal Blemish Stick” is the cause of this life changing epiphany. It’s also, what I would say, brought me from basically the the top, to a whole other level I like to call, “better than you.”

Over the month of January, I had my wisdom teeth taken out. It was the worst experience I have ever had in my life. It made my cheeks puff up like a newborn baby. Except, my cheeks weren’t cute (well, for the first few days). I was looking for a product that could clean my face and take away the oil, without having to really do anything. This product allowed me to be lazy, and also keep my face clean while I couldn’t do anything except watch TV and slurp jell-o out of a spoon.

With the products size coming quite small, I almost didn’t buy it. Especially since it’s about 12 dollars and it only holds .26 fluid ounces. However, I’ve used this product for a couple weeks, and it still looks as if it’s never been used.

In order to apply the product, you simply just open the cap and wipe it along your face (typically wherever the oil is). It’s kind of like a crayon, if you think about it. Sometimes, I draw smiley faces and hearts on my cheeks with it-not in a weird way-in a bored way. The hearts show my love and appreciation for myself while the smiley faces show all the happiness I bring to the world. Even when I apply the product, it’s clear so you can’t see it on your skin (unless you have really good lighting-then congratulations on being a tryhard).

It smells like herbs as well. If you’re into the Misty Day from season three of American Horror Story, this product could potentially make you almost in the same general space as her.  The smell also makes me feel like a hipster or something. I don’t think I’m a hipster (particularly because my brand is mainstream-I’m really popular); but the herb smell brings me to a disco party where hipsters talk about John Lennon and peace sign tattoos.

The only complaint for this product would mostly be the container. Not the size of it-but the fact it’s made out of glass. I’m usually someone that drops things on the floor, and sometimes I even manage to break things while not even touching it (not in a supernatural way, even though I could see how people would think I’m out of this world).

Overall I give this product a nine out of ten. It’s good; but I’m better. Burt’s Bees is a brand that I’ve discovered that the majority of their products seem to be pretty amazing. I kind of appreciate it honestly. It’s so refreshing to find a company that understands what I need in a product. And what I need in a product  is perfection- which is exactly who I am.