An open letter to the presidential candidates


Alex Keely, Staff Writer

Welcome to my March edition of Open Letters to Those That Matter. This month I will be writing my column to a group of people who are filling the news. I am happy to write my open letter to the candidates for the President of the United States.

Dear presidential candidates,

I can’t stress enough, that while you are in a very competitive and very grueling campaign cycle at the moment, please remember to act your age not your shoe sizes. In recent debates, it has been more childish arguments and insults instead of the real facts about your campaigns.

Taking over as the next president, you will face many issues that will have the american people will look for a strong leader to carry them through the tough times. You will have to deal with ISIS, education reform, election reform, as well as a split congress.

While some of you have fantastic ideas about how to grow, groom, and ensure making America great again, but are they realistic ideas? I urge you to take a moment and think about your ideas and make sure that they are possible. I want you to do this because it isn’t fair to the people to share drastic and amazing ideas, if they could never be set into law like “the wall.”

Looking at the specific problems such as ISIS or Russia, how do you think you will deal with these nations respectfully? For months, you have been calling them out saying you will never work to with them to end these international issues. I highly recommend that you show you can lead a mighty military, while showing the compassion to support a hurting city with no water.

As president, you must be able to solve many problems, a majority of them not being in front of a crowd who loves you no matter what. Presidents throughout history have solved major issues, such as the civil war, the great depression, and both world wars. I want you to think about how you will console a grieving mother whose son or daughter was killed in action fighting ISIS, or how you will work with both parties to reach agreements that will save our country’s education system.

After all of this, I just have one question for you: will you stay true to all the people not just those who voted for you?

Thank you,


Thank you to all of you who have consistently followed this column series. I felt that this was the perfect time to write this column, as we are getting into the heat of the fight for these candidates in the primaries and caucuses. I hope this column helps you to think about the real issues as you go out and vote or caucus for your candidates in the next few months.