Athlete of the Week- Scott Spellman


Lauren Paquet, Staff Writer

Can you tell me a little bit about your season and how you did?

“Well, I made it to states and got my [varsity] letter for my second year in a row.”


What is this [varsity] letter?

“[It means] I scored ten points in the season.”


What events do you do?

“I do the 55 meter dash, the hurdles, and the long jump.”


Have you always done those events?

“Yeah, [I have always done them].”


How long have you been doing track?

“[I’ve been doing track] since middle school.”


How did you get started with track, and why did you start?

“I just thought it would be something fun to do, and it turned out that I actually really liked doing track.”


Do you plan to continue with track in college?
“When I go to college, I’m hoping to do track. If I can get that far [to do division 1], then yes [I would like to].”