Wednesday’s comfort conquers Spirit Week

The comfort of Pajama Day continues the hype of Spirit Week.

Paige Lessard and Gabby Hamm

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Onesies, sets, miss matched, and more, pajama day at BHS gives students and staff a chance to explore different ways to express themselves.

Biddeford High School recently participated in Pajama Day as a part of March Madness week leading up to the Highlight Dance this Friday. Freshman Hunter Raychard finds that being comfortable allows her to focus more in class.

“[The best part of PJ day is] getting to be comfy all day instead of being uncomfortable in like tight jeans,” said Raychard.“[In a classroom setting] you can focus more because you’re not all uncomfortable and stuff.”

According to sophomore Grace Bermeo, being comfortable all day is enjoyable, but wearing her pajamas in the classroom doesn’t help her learn.

“[I wish PJ day was more often] because it was really fun seeing everyone’s pajamas,” said Bermeo. “[The best part of PJ day is] being comfortable. It makes me want to fall asleep.”

Almost everyone loves Pajama Day, but students like senior Alika Nicolas finds that there’s really only one negative thing.

“The only thing I didn’t like about coming to school in my pajamas was the fact that I had to put a bra on,” said Nicolas. “I like to wear my Stompies [a type of slipper] at school too.”

Spectators and participants, like sophomore Ellie Gagnon, enjoy the whole environment of PJ day.

“[If I could wear my PJ’s at school everyday] I definitely would,” said Gagnon. “My favorite part [of PJ days f] was seeing everyone in their PJ’s.”

Pajama day makes getting ready for some, like math teacher Charlie Chaponis, quick and easy.

“[My favorite part about pajama day is] not having to get dressed,” said Chaponis. “I rolled out of bed like this.”

Finding the perfect outfit to express yourself on a daily basis can be troubling, but according to sophomore Serena Speight,  pajama day helps with that issue.

“Everybody gets to express themselves through clothing items,” said Speight. “It’s just really fun, comfortable, and that’s what kids like.”

The struggle of getting up and getting ready consumes time that could’ve been used to be more productive according to sophomore Sydni Coon.

“I don’t have to get ready in the morning,” said Coon. “It gives me more time to sleep. I’m more relaxed and not worried about anything else.”

Whether students wore their PJ’s or not, everyone seemed to enjoy the pajama day, according to junior Caroline Gallant.

“It doesn’t really affect me in the classroom personally,” said Gallant. “[I wish PJ day was more often] because it’s fun, it gets people laughing, and I get to see some pretty funny outfits.”

Comfort is a large part of the hype in PJ day, and according to Madeleine Goulet, Physical education teacher, comfort is a big part of why the participation is so large.

“[My favorite part of PJ day is] being comfortable all day long,” said Goulet. “I just like the fact that the students get into it too. How could you not want to come to school comfortable?”

Even those like teacher Pietrina Owen, who did not participate in this year’s Pajama Day at school, may have changed her mind after witnessing the fun the other students and teachers were having.

“I think PJ Day is a lot of fun,” said Owen. “Next year, I’m going to wear mine.

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