BHS students highlight the night

Students enjoy a rave-style dance to unwind after Spirit Week.

Taylor Turgeon and Samantha DuBois, Staff Writers

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The doors open and the crowd of students waiting outside rush in, check-in, and then almost run into the gym to dance the night away.  

Ending Spirit Week with a bang, nearly 300 students gathered in the Steve White Gym for the Highlight the Night dance organized by the Student Council. After the stressful week, Student Council Secretary Cara Boisvert explained how the dance finally came together.

“We were kind of just looking for a name [for the dance] and we didn’t have a lot of time so we randomly came up with Highlight the Night because it sounded good,” said Boisvert. “We were obviously hoping people would wear bright colors.”

Picking a theme was easy, but organizing the rest of the dance presented many problems Boisvert and her committee of Student Council members had to quickly solve in the weeks leading up to the dance. One difficulty for Boisvert in the beginning was finding chaperones, which seems to be the biggest struggle of putting on any kind of dance.

“I literally could not find a single male teacher to chaperone,” said Boisvert. “Then I couldn’t find a police officer until pretty much the day before the dance. If we didn’t have a police officer, the dance wouldn’t have happened.”

For Administrative Assistant Mrs. Berry, dances are stressful because she and the other chaperones have to worry about a lot of things such as behavior, intoxication, and fighting. However, she still says yes to chaperoning whenever she’s asked.

“I just can’t say no to you guys,” Berry said.

Although dances often times receive a great deal of disapproval from teachers, sophomore Desean Cromwell says dances provided a fun and energetic atmosphere.

“They’re fun and you get to hang out with different people,” said Cromwell. “It’s exciting.”

For senior Crystine Chaloult, she enjoyed her last dance before Prom.

“It was a lot of fun getting to spend time with my friends, like one last time,” Chaloult said.

Despite the stress that it put on chaperones and the trouble of organizing, the Highlight the Night dance ended Spirit Week on the right note, claimed Boisvert, while she also explained the importance of dances in general.
“I think it kind of gives people something to do on the weekends instead of getting into trouble,” said Boisvert. “They come here and just enjoy being with each other.”

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