Motivational speaker comes to BHS with a message

Motivational speaker Michael "Mookie" Wilson visited BHS this Thursday to talk to students about positivity.

Jacob Bilsky and Megan Friel, Staff Writer and Editor in Chief

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In addition to St. Patrick’s Day filling the halls with green, this Thursday, March 17th, turned out as a unique school day for students at Biddeford High School as motivational speaker Michael Wilson joined students in Steve White Gym for a message.

Michael Wilson, otherwise known as “Mookie,” of Massachusetts life changed September 12th, 2009 after a tragic car accident while driving on the Mass turnpike. After spending months in the hospital, he eventually recovered after losing an ear as well as loss of feeling in his arm and hand. He emerged with a message of positivity.

“My goal is to make a difference,” said Wilson. “Especially today, the way things are, it’s easy to be negative it’s easy to be down. So I’m trying to show a different message to people of positivity and uplifting, and like i said before, a smile is pretty infectious. The more people I infect with smiles – hopefully that does make a difference and changes the lives of highschool kids.”

Wilson spoke at BHS to the senior class when they were freshmen and would be happy to speak again.

“I would gladly come back as often as they want to have me come back and come speak,” said Wilson. “I would be glad to address the students.”

Students like sophomore Nick Escobedo reacted positively to the event and its message, thinking it was a nice change.

“I enjoyed the assembly,” said Escobedo. “Usually they[school assemblies] are a little boring, but this one was more interesting because of what happened to him and how he shouldn’t have survived.”

Eighth graders from Biddeford Middle School  joined the high schoolers for Wilson’s talk, further spreading his message and helping them adjust to the High School according to english teacher Heather Tremblay.

“As eighth graders, they are old enough to hear that message about positivity and to deal with something that tragic,” said Tremblay. “They can handle it, so I think they could hear the message, and it was one experience to just get them into the building, so I think they’re a little less scared to come in during the fall.”

Tremblay attributes Wilson’s effectiveness to his speaking methods.

“I liked how he [Michael] was really real,” said Tremblay. “He wasn’t trying to preach. He was just a regular guy with a conversational tone trying to share his story. Trying to make us feel like he was trying to talk just to us, each individual in the crowd.”

Many students have taken Wilson’s message to heart, including junior Samantha Cash.

“I thought it [Wilson’s message] was very inspirational and it showed that people can do anything with positivity. I will apply it to my life.”

In the end that’s all Michael “Mookie” Wilson wants, to help kids.

“If one student leaves and it made a difference, I’m changing lives. If hopefully, we can change more than one, then that’s a bonus.”

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