Stepping out of the box – What’s Your Story?

Freshman Samantha Mucci expresses her passion for softball.

Lydia Gordon, Staff Writer

The trees sway in the breeze, and the crowd cheers showing off their Tiger Pride to the opposing team. The adrenaline starts pumping through the player’s veins, sweat puddles in their palms; it’s time to play.

Biddeford softball player and freshman Samantha Mucci has a nervous gut feeling stepping onto second base for the first time as a fifth grader. Since her very first game, her passion for the sport has only grown.

“I really like the sport because I like hitting and being out of the field,” said Mucci. “I really like having a team.”

According to the softball website Soft School’s  the official rules of softball were established in 1889, and now 127 years later Mucci is eager to meet new people through Biddeford softball and its team.

“I’m excited to get to know the upperclassmen and make new friends,” said Mucci. “My favorite part of softball is the practices because last year our coach was really good and taught us a lot.”

Mucci’s big brother has helped her with practice outside of the regularly scheduled practice time and sparked her passion for the sport she still loves after almost five years.

 “I started playing softball because Gino, my older brother, played baseball and I used to play with him,” said Mucci. “I started to like it so I decided to play softball.”

Mucci’s older brother and sophomore Gino Mucci likes helping his sister with her school work as well as her preformance on the field.

“I like helping her practice things like catching and throwing,” said Mucci. “In return, she helps me with my English and I help her with her math also.”

A proud moment for Mucci was when she received the MVP award in fifth grade her beloved coach.

“I was really proud of myself when I got the MVP award because it was the first time I had never won it,” said Mucci. “I got it because I did really good in a game and I got two hits.”

For Mucci, getting a hit to the face without any headgear on was her worst injury in softball. The American Academy of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery states the best way to prevent a face injury is by protection such as, helmets and face masks.

“I think the worst injury I have had was a hit to the face,” said Mucci. “The ball came up and hit me in the face, and it was the day I decided not to wear my face mask.”

Mucci has played second and third base the past five years and enjoys it because of all the action and activity.

“I really like my positions because I like doing the cuts for second base when the ball goes to the outfield,” said Mucci. “I also like playing third base because that’s the hot corner, so I get a lot of balls.”

Going to college is on the top of Mucci’s to do list, and she intends to work toward a scholarship in softball to help get her there.

“I want to go to college after high school, so I want to try to get a scholarship for softball,” Mucci said.

One of Mucci’s ambitions in life is simply to help people. By becoming a teacher or social worker she can make money while doing what she loves.

“I want to be a teacher because I love working with kids, and I want to be a social worker because I also like helping people,” Mucci said.

Having a brother only a year older than Mucci has helped her step out of the box and try new things in high school.

“I like having a brother that’s older than me because he helps me with a lot of my homework, and it’s nice knowing I have him there,” said Mucci. “My first year has gone really good so far. I learned to get out of my comfort zone and try new things.”