Fresh Face: “Beauty Blender”


Michael Tenney, Staff Writer

unnamed-2Looking flawless and having airbrushed skin is something I have always experienced throughout my life. However, when I do
get those very rare blemishes, it’s nice to have a miraculous foundation to tuck it away. With a foundation that erases the problems of the world, a makeup sponge that spreads it across the universe follows.

Over the past couple of months, I’ve been applying my foundation – and sometimes a contour if I’m feeling the femme – with a Beauty Blender. The $20 Beauty Blender I currently possess is my second one. The first one I had started getting black spots all over it. I believe it was mold due to not letting it fully air out after I put it under water. It was disgusting. Luckily, the new one I have has not come up with the black spots–that are the sole reason for Donald Trump running for presidency.

In order to achieve the airbrush perfection that comes with the Beauty Blender, start off with a little bit of water. Wetting the sponge is the most important factor or else you’ll walk out looking like a Madonna impersonator that looks like Niall Horan.

Once the sponge is a little damp, put the product all over that gorgeous (or not) skin and blend it out as fast as you can. Pretend it’s a competition for Beyoncé tickets. The faster you do it, the more likely you’ll win them and see a Queen Bee–someone besides myself. After blending, the Beauty Blender fulfilled its destiny.

This sponge allowed me to not only take ahold of my perfection, but spread it throughout the surface of my skin. The texture is soft, as if it is the physical feeling of finding happiness in a world full of non-Beauty Blenders. Even though I’ve had this Beauty Blender for a couple months, the texture is still very much as fabulous as it was the first time I used it.

Like everything that exists-besides myself, because I’m perfect–this sponge does have faults. For instance, it’s quite hard to wash the foundation off of the sponge after use. The sponge quickly changes from its vibrant hot pink color to the color of my pale foundation. It’s gross. But, I live with it.

I recommend this sponge to those who apply makeup frequently. While the pricetag is a bit expensive, the results that come from it are priceless–just like me. I’ve tried to knock-off sponges-such as the “Makeup Blender”-but this is the best sponge I have encountered. People often ask–”Why not use just a regular sponge?” The reason being is, I live in the clouds. I need the best of the best. I need perfection. I need something to amount to the amazing person and human being I have brought to the world. This sponge does that. If I used a regular sponge, what would that make me? I’m not regular. I’m a hot pink vibrant sponge, not a boring basic sponge you can get at the grocery store. I’m expensive.

Since this is my last review for now, I appreciate the people who have read my columns over the course of my junior year of high school. You’re fabulous–but not as fabulous as me. Follow me on twitter (willyumcarr) or instagram (willyumcarr) to stay updated on all things beauty and how to keep a “fresh face.”