Fresh Face: “Alba Botanica Night Cream”

unnamedOver the summer, I hoped my skin would blossom into the perfect airbrushed aesthetic that Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid miraculously obtained. However, I still have enough oil on my forehead to make a cake.

A customer once noticed my cake making ability due to the oil on my skin while I worked. I rang her items through the express lane and she complained about the hot weather. The customer pointed to my large – but beautiful and probably better than yours – forehead and talked about how hot and sweaty I looked..

With this oily skin, I foolishly decided trying out a product I found at a grocery store called, ‘Alba Botanica Night Cream.’ This $13 product is a hydrating night cream I thought would somehow benefit my skin, and I’d obtain the gorgeous Kendall Jenner look.

When I opened this product, I took a scoop out with my finger. It felt as if I touched the epitome of perfection. It felt as if my personality somehow transformed into a night cream. Which later became a saddening disappointment when I saw the results it left me.

However, when I left the product on my skin for a small amount of time, it started to feel heavy. I hoped it would feel effortless and the cream would wipe away the protruding white heads that erupted on my chin. It didn’t do that in the first night (of course, I wouldn’t expect it too) so I tried it for about a week. Within that week, it made my skin produce more oil than it ever had before. My skin looked as if I sweated 24 hours a day and the customer that pointed out the oil on my forehead – the one that said how sweaty I must feel – laughed devilishly at my misery. I cried. I wept. I stopped applying.

When I apply this cream, I apply it right before I go to bed massaging it into my pores,  then go to bed and wash it off in the morning. The cream isn’t noticeable when among my superficial pores — which is great because I can still show the entire world what they’re missing.

The world isn’t missing a lot – because I’m here. My face is here. Even if an all too hydrating night cream may have put a damper on my skin care routine. I do not use this cream anymore, for my skin produces enough hydration on its own. With that said, I believe this night cream could potentially work wonders for a person with dry skin. I, myself, don’t have dry skin. I don’t have dry skin because I’m better than most people. I have oily skin because there has to be one fault to every perfect human being — oily skin is mine.

However, I don’t think of oily skin as my fault. I think it as my star power. In fact, my forehead has a lot more shine than any star out there. Which in turn, makes me the biggest star there is.