Reaching for the long shot

Senior Matt Brady signs to UConn, a division one school for throwing shot put.


Matt Brady signs to UConn.

Michael Tenney, Staff Writer

Over the course of growing up, people often hear that hard work pays off in the long run. For a senior at Biddeford High School, the hard work on the field definitely payed off in a large way.

Senior Matt Brady committed to the University of Connecticut on December 2, 2016. This Division 1 school gave Brady a 90% scholarship to throw shot put for their school. Brady’s dad, Mike Brady, believes pushing him towards greatness over the years helped him achieve his ultimate success.

“I’m very proud of what he’s done,” said his dad. “Early on, going all the way back to junior high, we saw Matt had a talent. Self admittedly, I pushed him hard.”

Matt Brady and Dezi Desjardins

Brady’s dad encouraged and motivated him to do better everyday, which his dad believes benefitted him in the sense that nothing comes easy in the world.

“In this day and age, nothing is given anymore,” said his dad. “Early on, he didn’t necessarily like it. But as the success came and he started to produce, which ultimately ended with this terrific scholarship from UConn, he realized the importance of being pushed.”

Since Brady doesn’t start throwing for UConn until January of 2018, he’s still competing in his two seasons of track left at Biddeford High School. His coach, Ron Ouellette, feels tremendously proud of Brady’s accomplishments.”

“When somebody accomplishes that, it’s not just an accomplishment for him, it’s an accomplishment for the entire school,” said Ouellette. “The more people that we can have that happen to, the easier it becomes because now people in power look to Biddeford High School.”

At the signing on Friday afternoon, many students came to watch the moment in support of Brady.

“I didn’t expect the full atmosphere until I put my name on the paper,” said Brady. It was something I can’t describe. I’ve worked seven years for this, and to have it all come together is spectacular.

It was something I can’t describe. I’ve worked seven years for this, and to have it all come together is spectacular.

— Matt Brady

With the next two seasons at Biddeford High School ahead of him, Brady preps for what’s to come.

“I have a few more meets for Biddeford, then I’m going to go represent UConn,” Brady said.

Brady’s mom, Tina Brady,  feels ecstatic for her son’s huge success with shot put.

“He’s just a great kid,” said his mom. “He’ll talk to anyone, and he’ll help anyone out. He’s just a good team player, and I love that about him. He coaches the Saco Bay Striders to help them get to where they are. He’s always willing to learn and work harder.”

At the end of the day, Brady’s dad feels his son’s success comes from how hard he’s worked over the past few years. He advises his son to keep doing the things that bring him success.

“My advice is don’t change a lot,” said his dad. “Matt has developed his habits and it’s gotten him to where he is now. If he doesn’t change, with just continued hard work and weight training and college level coaching, he’s going to achieve some terrific heights in the athletic arena.”

With the world as his oyster, Ouellette hopes the best for Brady. Whether it’s on the field or within his academics, he believes Brady will succeed.

“I wish him the best of luck,” said Ouellette. “This isn’t closure, it’s just starting for him. It’s big time.”