Fresh Face: “New Vanity” WigsbyVanity Wig

Michael Tenney, Staff Writer

I’ve always had inklings of what I loved as long as I can remember. I knew I loved femininity. From strutting in heels as a five-year-old, to going to my junior year Homecoming in drag, I knew the world of lipstick and bubblegum would be by my passion for eternity. A major part in that world of makeup and daydreams is my beautiful lace-front wig.

I purchased this wig from Wigs by Vanity, an Australian wig line run by drag queens Vanity and Courtney Act. The wig I purchased was none other than the style “New Vanity” in shade Honey Child. I wanted something new, something fresh when I purchased this $250 wig. I knew I wanted something blond, something gorgeous, and something that I knew would be better than everyone else. When I decided to go to the expensive end of wig adventures, I knew I had to commit to finding the best one possible for me.

Right out of the bag, the wig is effortlessly full of volume. Similar to how I effortlessly walk through the hallways of Biddeford High School and the majority of the population is jealous of me. This wig is full of volume, I’m full of perfection. Fitting right against my head, and the amount of hair equaled out the size of my head. It was fabulous. I now have the best of the best, in every aspect of the phrase.

After I purchased the wig, I had to trim the lace to fit my needs. Over time, the lace has begun to become a darker color (the color of my contour, which isn’t necessarily the best thing ever). This change of color has begun to change my use for the wig. Instead of wearing it for nights out, I may wear it to the gym for a workout with a nice head band covering the wig line so I can show off my fierce hair in a slow-motion workout. I do enjoy the looks of admiration from the people I pass. I understand their amazement. They just witnessed a celebrity, so I know where they’re coming from.

When I wore this wig for a night on the town, I did receive a lot of compliments on it. The compliments weren’t surprising, however I appreciate them nonetheless. When I was looking for a wig, it was important to me to find one that looked like natural hair and that the wig line looked natural. I feel with this wig, I achieved that.

I’m not going to lie, this wig is expensive. Frankly, that almost made me not want to buy it. Since I’m only in high school and I have the rest of my adult life to buy wigs when and if I need them, I figured I’d start my wig collection off with a memorable one. I adore this wig. It led me to finding how I’m better than everyone else. Granted, that wasn’t the only thing that let me know I was better, that just had a strong hand in it.

Overall, I rate this gorgeous wig two stars out of one star. One star being good, five stars equaling me. My readers, you do the math. I didn’t stay in AP Calculus for a reason. To the rest of the world, may you try to be as fabulous, as perfect, as beautiful and intelligent as me. When you fail, buy a wig or two. Buy this wig. When I’m feeling down, a good wig can always bring me around.