Ugly Sweater Contest brings out BHS’s Holiday Spirit

From the staff to the students, everyone showed their Holiday Spirit this year.

Lauren Paquet, Editor

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“Tomorrow is ugly sweater, tie, [and] outfit day at BHS. The staff is ready…are the students? Let’s see what you’ve got.”

As soon as Principal Jeremie Sirois tweeted that, the battle of the annual Ugly Sweater Day became official.

Just about every staff member dressed for the event, and junior Ellie Gagnon thinks Sirois had a winning outfit on his hands.

“[The craziest outfit I’ve seen is] definitely [Mr.] Sirois’,” said Gagnon. “It[the suit] looks like it would be wrapping paper.”

Gagnon felt less competitive about the day, however, stating that she just wanted to have fun and celebrate the upcoming holiday.

“[I thought it would be fun to dress up because] I love Christmas, and I wanted to wear a sweater,” said Gagnon. “Not a lot [of people participated], but I wish more did. I think it’s fun to see what kind of sweaters people would buy or find from their parents.”

The origin of Ugly Sweater Day dates back to six years ago when Alternative Education teacher Denise Doherty organized the day as a fun event for her students to participate in.

“I had seen some different things on ugly sweaters, and I thought that would be something fun to do here during the holidays,” said Doherty. “But I didn’t want it to be just Christmas [themed]. I wanted it to be holiday [themed] so everyone could participate.”

This year, Doherty decided to channel her inner grandma and sport a festive apron.

“I was wearing what I call the old-lady-shopping aprons,” said Doherty. “It had pansies all over it. It was light blue and yellow and lavender, and I wore a red turtleneck so it would really clash.”

Some students, like junior Chanelle Chretien, used the day as an excuse to get out of dressing up for Monday’s basketball game.

“I participated because my coach said we had to dress up, and I said, ‘But coach, it’s Ugly Sweater Day,’” said Chretien. “I had my outfit all planned out, and she said we should participate in school events.”

While Chretien had ulterior motives for participating in the day’s activity, junior Julia Pearl simply wanted to show her love for Christmas.

“[I decided to dress up] to be involved and because I love Christmas,” Pearl said.

Junior Azure Illiano prepared her ugly sweater the day before the event with the help of her mom and Marden’s.

“My mom got my ugly sweater at Marden’s yesterday,” said Illiano. “It’s made of wool, so it’s pretty warm because I have two shirts on.”
Whether students or staff went hardcore in their outfit choices or simply went to Marden’s, it’s safe to say everyone got the chance to show their Christmas spirit.

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