The importance of a good book

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Cell phones and social media make it difficult for the average teenager to sit back and relish in untold stories and daring adventures. Growing up, many students are told they need to read. In primary school, children are assigned 20 minutes of reading every night with an independent reading book. As students get older and get assigned more challenging readings, Spark Notes and other websites that summarize novels like Macbeth and Animal Farm seem to cut the average students reading down to just a quick paragraph.

We, The Roar, believe reading is an important tool to survive not only as a student, but as a functioning member in society as well. Education seems to get taken advantage of quite frequently over the course of the four years in high school. Students must read, for it will only benefit their education. There are always books people will be interested in. A student in an English class may prefer Jane Austen more than Charles Dickens, and that’s okay. But what isn’t okay, is when a student gets behind in class, when they have to read a Charles Dickens book, just simply because they don’t like his writing. Students can learn from Dickens just as much as they can from Austen. They may learn different things, but that is the whole point. Teachers and the adults, throughout the building and in the world, encourage reading because it broadens a student’s horizons. It helps them learn different ways to see what lies in front of them.

Not only does reading pertain to school work, but it also helps enrich the student’s minds. There is a big world out there, and everyone sees it differently. Finding a good book to delve into and see a new world allows a person to find new things about the world they actually live in. Not only does reading a book help with a class grade, but it can also benefit a mind in so many more ways than that. It allows students to see a world they would like to live in — or a world they couldn’t stand to set foot in.

Many students argue that they don’t have enough time to read. Whether it’s practice for a sport, or several other pieces of homework. A lot of students often find excuses for not reading their assigned work. Students should learn time management skills. While things do come up and putting in time for homework can’t possibly happen, students should work hard to make sure their reading is finished. Whether it’s utilizing the school planner, purchasing a planner, or simply putting a reminder on a phone — there’s always time for a good book. We, The Roar, believe that reading is a vital tool to not only pass a class, but to simply live a successful life. No matter how fast the clock ticks and the world spins, books are always there to connect the pieces of the world together — all students have to do is read them.

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