Russia and the American people

Megan Friel, Editor in Chief

In light of recent news, my suspicions of the most recent presidential election have increased tremendously. In a recent conversation in my critical issues class, we discussed the breaking news of Attorney General Jeff Session’s connections through Russia within President Trump’s campaign. As we venture further into 2017, I repeatedly ask myself day after day how it has come to this? From the immigration reform to the war on Planned Parenthood, scandals arise each day that make a mockery of America, and our president standing by them.

The topic at hand battles the questioning of Sessions, who, during Trump’s campaign, claimed he had no affiliation with Russian, nor had he met with Russian leaders at the time of the campaign. However, after intense questioning, has now come out saying that he had in fact met with Russian leaders, in one meeting, even behind closed doors. As someone who is supposed to be defending the department of justice, this seems far from the standards one in the role of the Department of Justice should be held to. While Trump claims that the White House is perfectly intact, these continuous scandals, (from his secretary of labor pick admitting to hiring illegal immigrants, to news on the secretary of education buying her position), the current state of our leaders seems far from intact to me. The irony of the complete situation, however, stems from the fact that Sessions was appointed to head the investigation on Trump’s initial contact with Russia during the campaign. For someone to continue with these lies to the point of being investigated by the people below him, I can’t help but wonder what else is being hidden from the American people? To believe that this is truly where our country has ended up scares me, and Session’s affiliations with Russia anger me. I’m furious that these men and women in power have fallen victims to abuse of these powers and left the American people in the dark.

Now, I know I’m merely a high school student. There’s no hope that this message will reach across to Jeff Sessions, Donald Trump, or any of the people in power who this may affect. My message is the same as most others: this is wrong, we must take a stand, we must do something. However, I believe my message may reach to at least one student, and one is enough. We can’t change the election, though hopefully after investigations, and enough scandals, changes will occur in the White House. However, this is a lesson for future generations. I’m terrified of the future of the public school system with Betsy Devos taking place as secretary of education. Devos has no experience in public schools, and plans on taking initiative to defund public schooling. People such as Devos in Trump’s cabinet could be damaging to our future, as well as the future of generations to come. This is no longer temporary damage, it is lasting. This potentially terrifying future looks bleak, and we are the generation that needs to make a change. Take part in what you believe in. Care about politics, and vote wisely, or the worst is yet to come.