Jason Mulvey, a senior of BHS that isn’t afraid to follow his dreams

Mulvey, a creative young adult, loves to be apart of theater and chorus.


Julia Murray, Staff Writer

His love for musicals has guided him through the good and the bad and will always give him hope for a better future.

For nineteen-year-old senior Jason Mulvey, his home is the chorus room where he spends most of his time with his closest friends practicing for musicals he plays in for the school.

“I walk to school usually with my foster brother,” said Mulvey. “The first thing I do is come in here everyday [the chorus room].”

Mulvey’s hobbies are singing, dancing, drawing, and most important, theater. He’s always loved music since 4th grade. When he came across musicals his eighth grade year and knew it was something he wanted to look into.

“I started watching videos of musicals like ‘Wicked’ and got into them,” said Mulvey. “Then I started looking at colleges in eighth grade because I wanted to major in music for the longest time.”

As soon as the school bell rings, Mulvey heads off to his first class. He takes creative classes like piano, ceramics, and journalism. He also spends his time helping out with musicals at the Biddeford City Theater.

“I sometimes volunteer at city theatre when they need help for musicals or plays to set build,” said Mulvey. “Recently I’ve ushered for the Christmas ones they did. I’ve ushered for the ‘Piano Men’ which was like a concert thing going on.”

Mulvey has moved to many different schools and has gained more experience by working with new people. He works hard to take the right classes in order to achieve his goals.

“Freshman year, our school was doing a musical. However, they had really strict guidelines on it, so you couldn’t fail any classes,” said Mulvey. “I failed one class but everyone did so the musical didn’t even happen. We were going to do ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.”

He was upset that he didn’t get to be a part of the play at his school up North but when he moved down to Scarborough he started working even harder. He heard that Scarborough was putting on a musical called “White Christmas” and they desperately needed men. When Mulvey showed up to the audition they didn’t require him to sing at all. Instead they just handed him the part.

“White Christmas was interesting on the sense that I just walked in, I didn’t really audition because they needed men really badly,” said Mulvey. “It was really awkward.”

Mulvey has seen a lot of plays and musicals through City Theater, but the one musical he would love to be a part of is the musical “Rent.”

“I don’t know what character that I’de want to be but the show that I’de want to be in is ‘Rent’ because I think that would be just a really fun show [with] a lot of comedy going on.”

Later on he moved to Biddeford High School his junior year and auditioned for his favorite musical by far, called “Into The Woods.”

“Musicals are a great way to get to know people,” said Mulvey. “I didn’t know anyone at all last year when I moved here but I did ‘Into The Woods,’ and I met so many people.”

Mulvey is graduating this year and is hoping to get into a musical school. His overall experience with the school’s musicals and the chorus groups has helped him become more experienced and helped make lifelong friends. Mulvey has cherished his love for music because it’s always been there for him when he needed it the most.

“I’ve always been into it [music],” said Mulvey. “ I had lot of struggles in my life so it was more like something that allowed me to escape and express.”