United Airlines asked to apologize

United Airlines receives backlash after mistreatment of a passenger.

Megan Friel, Editor in Chief

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In a world surrounded by chaos, peace and quiet can be found in the most unexpected places. Row by row of a plane, for example, you can find peace. Left alone with a neck pillow and snacks, one can prepare for a business meeting, watch a movie, or drift into sleep. However, this peace was disrupted for one United Airlines passenger, as shown in a video gone viral in the past two weeks.

It all started with Tyler Bridges, a passenger on a United Airlines flight, who captured the horrendous mistreatment of one passenger refusing to leave his seat. The video shows the passenger being dragged out of his seat by the arms, screaming. United Airlines has since been under fire for this video, with controversy surrounding whether the airline should be boycotted.

We, The Roar, believe that United Airlines should be boycotted for their mistreatment of this passenger.

This incident could have been completely avoided. Although the passenger had been asked multiple times to leave the plane due to overbooking, physical force was unnecessary. By dragging the man by his arms so forcefully, the United Airlines security put this passenger at risk to be injured, therefore putting the airlines at risk for a lawsuit as well. This physicality was unprofessional and showed that United Airlines security had little regard for the comfort of their passengers.

Many may argue that this passenger was being resistant, and refused to give up his seat, even after being asked kindly numerous times to leave. He was even offered compensation for leaving. However, this passenger shouldn’t have been forced to leave, no matter how many times he was kindly asked. He was a doctor who had patients in the morning after arriving from his flight, so he had valid reason to want to stay on the plane. Had the airline wanted to keep the seats empty, the passenger should not have been allowed on the plane in the first place. Had they done this, the passenger would have had more time to reschedule his clients, and force most likely would not have needed to be used. The only reason this passenger was asked to leave was so the employees could be put on the plane, and so that United would be able to increase profits. The decision to delay the plane and use force on the passenger in order to make more money shows that United cares little about their customers.

In order to solve this problem, United Airlines has already taken a step in the right direction. By releasing a formal apology, United Airlines has taken responsibility for their employee by apologizing on his behalf. However, in order to prevent this from happening in the future, United should avoid overbooking flights in order to increase profits.

This sort of treatment should never be allowed again. United Airlines should be boycotted for their mistreatment towards this passenger.

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