YouTube channel “Daddyofive” creates a stir

Mike Martin and his wife created a YouTube channel that has left a negative impact on the public.

Michael Tenney, Staff Writer

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With all the various forms of social media, many find it a lot easier to expose different people – or in this case, a family – online. The “Daddyofive” YouTube channel features a family that enjoys playing pranks on each other. However, many of these pranks have gone too far to the point where many consider them to be abusive. The two parents, Mike Martin and his wife, have five kids who they try to play pranks on. However, many of these pranks leave Cody, one of the youngest of the children, emotionally and physically hurt.

We, The Roar, believe the YouTube channel “Daddyofive” is not a good representation of what a family is and the pranks they play on each other are abusive.

Living in this environment is terrible for the children as they grow into adults. As they see their parents act this way, they will believe that that is how you treat children. While they may experience other families, they will ultimately believe that how theirs is run is the best way. They need to understand and realize that how they’re getting treated is not okay, and their parents need to face the consequences of their actions to show the children that they cannot act this way. This family is a bad representation on an online platform for what a family should be. Social media has a large impression on millions of people. With these “prank” videos, they let viewers think that this is a normal and acceptable idea of what a family can be. That emotionally and physically abusing children is okay to do as long as it’s “for the video” or “for the prank.”  

The parents – and even the kids – said that the videos on the channel were just pranks. They claim that the kids are okay with it. The kids claim to be okay with it because they don’t know anything else. They’re told by their parents that the pranks are just that – pranks. This doesn’t mean that it makes it okay. In fact, it makes it worse. The kids are brainwashed to think that being mentally and physically abused is okay. The kids, and the parents, need to realize that everything that channel represents is not okay. Within the past few weeks the channel has been taken down and two of the children were taken away from the family. The father on the channel “Daddyofive” made an apology video detailing how sorry they were for their videos and are seeking counseling. While they are taking a step in the right direction, they should not be allowed to create any other sort of channel on any social media platform. Exposing their children in an abusive way should not be taken lightly, and they need to face the consequences of doing so.

We, The Roar, believe that the YouTube channel “Daddyofive” needs to keep going in the right direction and keep their channel closed. They should not make any other channels and should face the legal repercussions of “pranks” they chose to put onto their children. Pulling a prank is something that people can look back at five minutes later and laugh at. It isn’t something that leaves an emotional scar on children that are too young to defend themselves.

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