Like father like son

Having a support system is import ant, and for Korpaczewski, his dad is always there to support him through life.


Johnny even at a young age had his father by his side.

Anything ending in the word “boarding” you can find among this young man’s favorite activities to do, or even at the ice arena shooting pucks or even finding a spot to practice for lacrosse season. Freshman Johnny Korpaczewski enjoys longboarding, snowboarding, paddle boarding, and wake boarding, all for their one shared experience. “I love to feel the cold air beating on my skin and have the wind demolish my hair line,” Korpaczewski said. It doesn’t stop there for Johnny. His dreams and aspirations are bigger than one would ever imagine for a high school freshman. “I’ve known I wanted to be a doctor for about four years,” said Korpaczewski. “I really want to become a doctor but my dad’s businesses’ are a back up plan.” Although college is four far years away he still has a vague idea in his mind of where he wants to attend college. Boston College and Boston University are his top choices. His dad, who is the most important person in his life has always supported him in all his decisions. He even influenced him to start his hockey career by picking up skating at the age of two and playing hockey at the age of four. One of the reasons they get along so well is their understanding for each other. “My dad and I can talk about everything and he just doesn’t really get mad at me for anything I do,” Korpaczewski explained. Whether Korpaczewski follows through with his plans of becoming a doctor or ends up taking over Korpaczewski and Son Asphalt and Landscaping his father will be right behind him every step of the way.