Woodbury does favor and fills in as boys tennis coach

The boys team appreciates everything their new coach does to make sure they have an enjoyable season.


Audrey Desjardin

Coach Woodbury stands at a match alongside captain Josh McCauley.

Coach Patricia Woodbury stepped up to the plate when the boys tennis team was in dire need for a fill-in coach for the 2014 season, taking over for previous coach, Mark Ouellette.

The interesting detail to Woodbury accepting the coaching position in tennis is that she has never actually played tennis before, besides the recreational team she is now a part of. The boys on the team help her along the way and teach her new things about the sport everyday.

Junior Adam Michel believes that coach Woodbury, (also known as Pwood, Puff berry, Momma berry, Hood berry, Patty, and Original Gangster Woodbury) has come a long way as a coach throughout the season.

“She was very willing to learn so that made it a lot easier on the team to teach her,” said Michel. “When she started she knew some of the basics but we had to show her things like tiebreakers and just some different strategies on playing.”

Being the first female coach for boys tennis at BHS seemed like a challenge, but Woodbury used the opportunity to connect with her students on a deeper level.

“With a background in sports I’ve been able to understand the ways the boys deal with the emotions of playing a sport,” said Woodbury. “Having had a few of them as students has given me an opportunity to have a different perspective on their lives, it’s been a lot of fun.”

Senior William Durkin says that his team is having an alright year for having a coach with little experience.

“We’re all just going with the flow and it’s been a really fun year so far,” Durkin said.

Senior Josh McCauley has no complaints about Woodbury’s coaching skills.

“Her coaching differs because she is new to tennis so she relies on us to help her with mostly everything,” said McCauley. “But I also feel she is more relaxing and calm than past coaches.”

Woodbury never planned on taking the position to coach, but was asked as a favor by coach Oullette to take over the team.

“My interest in coaching was really as a fill-in,” said Woodbury. “I knew some of the guys on the team and knew they needed a coach.”

Although her experience with coaching may not have been about tennis, she had previously coached Varsity Alpine skiing at Kennebunk (Boys and Girls) and JV Girls Soccer at Kennebunk.

“She is new to the game but she tries hard to make us better,” said McCauley. “Also, we’re pretty grateful to have her since she volunteered when no one else did.”

Coach Oullette is planning on returning for the following 2015 season. If anything is to go wrong the boys have no doubts in Woobury for next season.

“If she does coach next year she will do very well because she will have the basics of the game and she will be able to build off of it,” Michel said.

Woodbury is loved by all of the boys she coaches, using her positive relaxing attitude to help them remain calm during matches.

“She’s serious when need be, but we joke around and goof off often,” said Durkin. “She’s very laid back, Pwood is da man.”