What’s Your Story: Daniel Urling

Sophomore Daniel Urling has a close bond with his father, despite the distance.

Having someone to look up to is something almost everyone needs in their life. A person to help guide you down the right path and always be there for you no matter what. For Daniel Urling, a sophomore at Biddeford High School, one of these people in his life lives about four hours away.

Urling spends one weekend a month and a week in the summer seeing his Dad who still lives in Connecticut.

Urling’s Dad takes them on a vacation to a new place every summer. He has been doing this with his Dad ever since his parents seperation when he was little.

“I have been to Miami, South Carolina, and North Carolina for trips with my Dad,” said Urling. “I met some new family down there and, there is a bunch of pictures.”

In Miami, Urling said they made a lot of memories from doing things such as water jet-packing and jet-skiing.  

“We went to Key West before and, I launched my Dad and me off a jet ski in the open ocean because I took a turn too quick and flew off,” said Urling. “My Dad was mad at first but, after we just laughed it off.”

Urling’s favorite trip with his Dad so far was their trip to North Carolina.

This trip was one made to remember someone who both Urling and his father were close to. This person being Urling’s grandmother and his father’s mother.

“We went down there because it was for when my grandmother died,” said Urling. “There was a bunch of my family there and we were in a circle in the house all sharing memories about her.”

The trips Urling takes with his Dad give him a new look at different places. He enjoys this travelistic lifestyle and plans to continue it

“I love Maine, it is really nice, but I kind of want to see other places and have new experiences,”Urling said.

The distance between Urling and his father makes it more difficult for them to be close. However, they still make the most of their time together.

“Our relationship is a little separated because we don’t live with each other,” said Urling. It is harder than it should be, but we still make it work. I have fun when I go down there to see him.”

When Urling goes to stay with his Dad in Connecticut they always go to do fun activities.

“We always go to laser tag, bowling, mini-golfing, the movies, or to get ice cream,” Urling said.

A favorite place they enjoy going to for breakfast and lunch is a place in Connecticut called Leo’s.

This year, Urling got to bring his best friend, Brady Wildes, along on a trip to see his Dad in Connecticut.

“We went to a bunch of cool places like a go-kart place,” Wildes said. “His Dad was really nice and funny just like Daniel.”

Urling’s Dad makes sure to stay in his life despite the distance because he did not have the opportunity to spend a lot of time with his Dad when he was growing up.

“He wasn’t around his Dad for too long because his Dad died when he was younger,” Urling said.

Urling looks up to his Dad and the success he has had in his job career.

“He is a dental surgeon, which means he works on gums that other dentists messed up and he has to fix them,” said Urling. “He has to work a lot, including late nights,  but it is a well-paying job.”

Another aspect of his life that Urling enjoys is playing sports. His favorite sport is football.

“I like that it builds character,  promotes teamwork, and provides a brotherhood,” said Urling. “Everyone is always hype for Friday night football games.”

Urling’s Dad also shares the same passion for sports as his son.

“My Dad was athletic when he was younger,” said Urling. “He was a football quarterback and also played basketball and went on to play it in college.”

Despite their separation, Urling still makes sure to enjoy whatever time he spends with his Dad.

“I always try to make the most of my time with him because I don’t get to go down and see him very much.” “I always have fun when I go down there to see him.”