What’s Your Story: Olivia Sullivan

Through playing sports her entire life Olivia Sullivan created a unique sense of humor that her teammates adore.

Samantha Ruth, Staff Writer

Awards are being handed out, from everything to the fastest player to most goals in a season. They all depict a small metal man frozen in a perfect pose, his form perfect to score the winning goal. While her teammates one-by- one walk up to the podium for their award, her name is never called. Because while her name isn’t engraved on a piece of plastic, she has had some part in helping every player achieve their accomplishment. She has helped her teammates in their lowest moments when the only option seemed to give up. She gave them the option to laugh instead.

This is 10th grader Olivia Sullivan and she is the definition of comedic relief. Where she has spent her first two years of high school playing five full seasons for a total of four sports with her closest friends.


“I mean what even are hobbies. All I do is play sports so I guess that,” Olivia Sullivan said.


Playing sports have been Sullivan’s main focus in life and she has created quick connections with her teammates with her absurd humor. Her presence on her sports team has been more than a player on the field but the core foundation of a family.

“I would say my role in people’s life is to make them laugh, I’m the funny friend,” said Sullivan.

Growing up in a family where laughter is a constant staple in their household has equipped Sullivan with the carefree attitude, she exhibits in her day to day life

“My family is funny,” said Sullivan. “We always crack jokes while eating dinner at the table or one time my mom honked at this kid on the side of the road and scared the living daylights out of him.”

This humor she shares at home has made its way on the field, and while there is always going to be some struggles in playing sports Sullivan has found a way to make the best of any situation.

“Being on a team is fun in my opinion,” said Sullivan. “Although there is always going to be drama, it’s fun to see teammates cheering on each other and come together as a team and win.”

Numbers on a board can quickly consume a player and cloud their view of the entire game but with ‘Liv, as her teammates affectionately call she her, she maintains a smile on her face despite the score. What determines a good game is if she can make her teammates laugh when they are at their lowest moments.

“My favorite part of playing with Olivia is definitely her humor, she’s all around a funny gal,” said her close friend, Katie Monson. “Just looking at her makes me laugh it’s great.”

Her friends range from all different backgrounds and grades, but they have all one thing in common they all find Sullivan hilarious and a pleasure to have around. Her friends all having their own personal favorite story of Sullivan, stories that consist of hard laughter that result in tears.

“We were tubing this weekend for the hockey team, and everyone knows Olivia does have the best balance and that she isn’t very coordinated,” said Katie Monson. “We going are going up to the lift and we are kicking the back of each other’s tubes and someone kicked hers and she fell and she just lays there. And she just starts singing the lyric “If I just lay there..”We died of laughter and that’s just the type of person Olivia is.”

When Sullivan’s name is mentioned the first thing that comes to people’s mind is her great sense of humor, which she brings to every sport she has tried. When asked if she has ever scored the winning goal Sullivan initially responded with a burst of laughter.

“I would say my role in people’s lives is to make them laugh, I’m the funny friend,” Sullivan said.

While humor seems to be ‘Liv’s key trait, there is an underlying effect to that laughter that her teammates can detest experiencing. An effect that makes her humor healing.

“A decent amount of my laughter comes from Olivia, you walk into a room and she makes you feel better,” said varsity girl’s hockey captain and close friend Ailana Keely.

While Sullivan might be laughing alongside with her teammates in her games now that was not exactly how it started for our comical athlete.

“I was especially worried for doubles because of all the new people, and I’m not very good at running and I knew how much of that involved running.”

But as time went on she quickly realized that sports did not solely consist of running but rather being a solid member of a team and that took Sullivan no time to master.

“As a teammate, I think she’s a hard worker. She tries really hard,” said Ailana Keely. “She’s there to have a good time.”

She always has a way to make that famous idiom, “To turn a frown upside down” into reality. By cheering on her teammates no matter what, and making them smile despite what the odds are on the scoreboard. Teammates can personal detest to this as said by Katie Monson.

“She always puts a smile on my face”