“Avengers: Infinity War” Review

A review of the newest Marvel film and what it did to my soul


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Avengers: Infinity War, quite possibly the most anticipated film Marvel Studios has ever released. Fans came up with theories based on what they knew about the actors’ contracts and the comics, and everything we thought we knew was crushed within the first five minutes as we watched a crowd favorite face a very unexpected death (R.I.P. Loki, you will be missed).

Infinity War marks the ten-year anniversary of the Marvel Studios movies. They have released 19 live-action films in the past decade, each one detailing the personal story of one superhero (or superhero group, such as The Avengers or the Guardians of the Galaxy). I’d call this a fitting movie for such a milestone, as so many changes occur within the two hours and forty minute screen time.

For anyone who is unfamiliar with this franchise and the events taking place in Infinity War, it is quite simple: every character we have been introduced to, aside from Ant-Man, meets in this one movie as they try and fight of the evil space assassin, Thanos- father of Gamora, one of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

There are six infinity stones, most of which have already been introduced in different characters’ stories: the time stone, space stone, reality stone, power stone, soul stone, and mind stone. If one person wields them all, they can control life itself with the snap of their fingers. The goal of Thanos is to obtain every stone and wipe out half of the human race for a “perfect balance.”

Now, this specific movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has been extremely hyped up. I was not in the theaters on opening night- I watched it one week later- so everyone I spoke to about it said, “You may think you are ready for this movie, but you are never going to be ready.”

I also knew that there were going to be many deaths among our beloved superheroes, and one that I thought was locked in was the death of Steve Rogers, portrayed by Chris Evans. His contract with Marvel Studios was rumored to be up, while other characters – such as the recently introduced Peter Parker, played by Tom Holland- was signed on for more movies.

I’ll be honest, knowing about the deaths made me question what all of the hype was for the movie. It was all a big deal, but with how “talked up” the movie was before I saw it, it lost some of its wow-factor. That is, until the last forty minutes of the movie when everything I thought I knew got torn to shreds.

As the story followed The Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy in their battle against Thanos finding all the stones, death after death occurred- each one ripping out a massive portion of my heart and soul. If Thanos’ brutality is not enough of an emotional rollercoaster- as the audience witnesses Thanos sacrificing his own daughter for the soul stone- hearing and watching my favorite, Peter Parker (who still has more movies), beg for his life as he felt himself drifting away literally broke me. “I don’t feel so good, Mr. Stark.”

Infinity War tore out my soul and ate it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Don’t get me wrong, the humor of Groot-turned-teenager and the rivalry between Thor and Peter Quill was thrilling- a perfect comic relief, really. However, this movie was a literal war- more so than even Captain America: Civil War (2016).

I will say that having the background into Thanos’ life and how he thought provoked a very small amount of sympathy and understanding for him, but that would never place me in a position to accept or forgive what he did. I think with each stone that Thanos collected, part of me died inside.

With Wakanda on the verge of total rubble and a war unlike any other in the MCU, I simply snapped. I was reminded of the chaos that is The Hunger Games. I couldn’t believe my eyes as I watched Thanos place the sixth stone in his gauntlet and snap his fingers, causing half of the characters to cease to exist.

And this, my friends, was the end of Infinity War as we knew it (or didn’t know it). Despite the tragic and unexpected ending- where I finally understood the hype- Doctor Strange raised a valid point: he saw over 14 million outcomes for the war where they only won one. He told Tony Stark that “there was no other way,” therefore, for The Avengers to actually beat Thanos, half of them needed to dissolve into thin air.

Clearly, they are not gone forever, as multiple “dead” characters have appearances in more movies or sequels. Also, when Thanos snapped his fingers, his gauntlet looked damaged, as if it did not fully work. My theory is that all of the “dead” characters were relocated inside of the soul stone because to obtain it, Thanos had to sacrifice what he loved most- Gamora. Maybe Gamora was not a sufficient sacrifice, causing the gauntlet to malfunction.

Yet, the ending still made me want to riot. It was just plain rude. I was shook to the core after reaching an entirely new level of emotional destruction. Thanos should have just erased me while he was at it.