Speaking Out Against Gun Violence

With the rise of school shootings, action must begin to prevent anymore casualties.

Taylor Wildes, Staff Writer

Imagine you walk into school like every other day. You greet friends in the hall before the first bell rings, and you head to your first block. Until the past few years, nobody in this typical school setting would ever be thinking that when they arrive to school it could be their last day.

School shootings have been happening frequently in the last few years in schools all across America.

According to an article from LA Times, there has been more than 180 school shootings on school grounds that have resulted in injury or death, since the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in 2012.

When you look up the definition of school, you get “an institution for educating children.” There is nothing about guns or violence, because that isn’t what should be associated with the definition of school. But by simply typing in school to your search bar, one of the first suggestions will say school shootings.

It breaks my heart to know that children, who are only in kindergarten, are already having to learn about what to do in the case of a shooter entering there school building. Children that young of age should not be concerned of violence in a learning environment. I am in high school and, I never even thought that I would be thinking about the possibility of a shooter entering my school until now.

Most of the time the people behind these shootings do not realize the impact these school shootings have on more than just the people in the school building.

They impact the students and the teachers across the country who become afraid to go to a place that is supposed to be a safe learning environment. Teachers now have to think about what they would do in these situations. Do they put students first or their family? That should not even be a question in their mind. Families are forever in grieving states along with kids who witness their former classmates take their last breath right before them.

We need regulations on guns in order to make for a safer America. Guns should not be able to get so easily into the hands of a potential killer. Guns should only be used for self defense in extreme situations or hunting, not as murder weapons.

When we look back on history years from now, our history books will become flooded with past school shootings and their casualties. Is this what we want for a future? I certainly hope not.

When I grow up, I don’t want to sit at my job in fear that something bad could happen to my child at school. These shootings are spreading to public places where people should feel safe. Concert venues, sports arenas, night clubs, restaurant- since when were these places where people would think they could be shot?

Students should be learning, fans should be cheering, and people should be dancing and laughing. All these noises you can picture from these scenes should never be overturned by the loud sound of gunshots.