Field hockey team’s special bond carries them to a state championship


Seniors Hailey Allen, Paige Laverriere, and Taylor Wildes hug after the game. Photo courtesy of Maureen Grandmaison Photography.

Grace Laverriere, Editor

The final buzzer blared across the field to announce the Biddeford Tiger field hockey as the Maine Class A State Champions.

This past Saturday, the field hockey team became the first field hockey team to win a state title since 1990 with a 4-3 win over the Skowhegan Indians.

For the girls on the team, this is a dream come true. The win is a culmination that comes from years of playing together.

“The seniors have been playing together since third or fourth grade,” said senior and co-captain of the team Paige Laverriere. “This win means the world [to us].”

I did not want to be second.”

— Paige Laverriere

Their season has been historic in many ways. Including a perfect 17-0-1 record, senior and co-captain of the team Hailey Allen said they also beat the Cheverus Stags for the first time since 2009. The team’s hard work and dedication led them to the biggest game of their high school years.

“When I woke up on Saturday morning I thought, ‘I’m either coming home [today] as a state champion or as a runner-up,’” said Laverriere. “I did not want to be second.”

Leading up to the game, the team became ready to face the competition.

“Everyone was mentally prepared for either the win or the loss,” said Laverriere. “We all really wanted it.”

There is a special bond shared with the girls on the team. This win was the climax of their field hockey careers.

“A lot of the girls I’ve played with ever since I was old enough to play,” said senior and co-captain Taylor Wildes. “They’re all really nice people and great players. It’s really nice to be able to win a state championship with them.”

This victory has been over four years in the making.

“This group has grown so much together over the last four years,” said coach Caitlin Albert. “The end goal has always been to win a state championship. This group actually had what it took mentally, physically, and they [had] the will to prepare for this win, which made it really special.”

The game, and its outcome, is surreal to everyone involved.

“I was in awe, I didn’t believe what was happening. [The win] actually still hasn’t hit me yet,” said Albert. “I walked up to the assistant coaches and asked, ‘Is this real?’”

The win meant more than just a title. It was a goal the team has worked towards for many seasons. The amount of time they spent on the field together grew their shared intention of a state championship.

“It meant more than anything [to me],” said Allen. “We’ve been working towards this since we started playing together. We [the team] knew we had the potential to get where we ended up this season.”

The moment the clock ran down, the field hockey team became part of Biddeford High School history.

“When the clock went out, everyone came running towards me yelling, ‘We’re state champions!’” said Wildes. “It still feels unreal because we have been dreaming about this [for years].”