New head coach led indoor track team into a family of determined athletes


Photo credit to Sitsanok Young Photography

Jacob Pinkham, Staff Writer

This season, the indoor track team was pushed to their limits and grew closer together.

The new head coach, Chris Quint, drove the indoor track team athletes to go beyond their potential. After Coach Ouellette retired to assistant coach, Coach Quint took his place. Now, many athletes feel they’ve been pushed more than ever to reach their goals.

These athletes have excelled everywhere they go: from practicing in the Tiger Gym and the Steve White Gym, all the way to the Costello Sports Arena in Gorham. The team has also grown together and has been treated like a family. Whether it’s on the bus, at a meet, at a team dinner, or during practice.

“I think this season has been on of my favorites for indoor track. With Quint as the new head coach, things have been more inclusive than they have been in the past,” said co-captain Sitsanok Young. “Although track and field is one team, we’ve never really been like that.”

To strive for your goals is a huge part of track and field, although being a team and working together is just as important.

“I think the team has improved since the first week of track,” said Kiernan O’Connor a co-captain, who has done shot put since sixth grade.

In a sport like track you have to give it your all or as Coach Quint puts it, “110 percent.”

“I’m a firm believer that if you come out no matter what sport it is, you should be giving 110 percent every time,” said Quint. “My long term goal is to build this track and field program into one.”

Giving track all you’ve got is very important, and that’s what one senior had to do in order to get into states, by not giving up and never stopping to improve.

“This is 100 percent my best year, as I have improved by eight feet and I am not stopping there,” said co-captain Jared Pierce, a senior thrower who made it to Southwesterns. “My prediction for Southwesterns is to go there and be competitive, and leave it all on the table. I am aiming for the top five at both Southwesterns and States, as it is the same competition.”

This track team has given it their all with new personal records every meet. Becoming more like a family has given many of these athletes more motivation to reach for their dreams, and a better reason to continue indoor track.

“Everyone on the team has done a remarkable job setting new personal records each meet. I’m proud of my teammates and hope they’ll continue to do their best,” said Young.